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Annual Parents’ Report for the 2017-2018 Year



Dear Parent,


The Board of Governors have enclosed ‘THE GOVERNORS’ ANNUAL REPORT’ and in presenting this report for your consideration, the Governors intend to give an overall picture of the workings of the school in the year past  : 2017-2018.


Should you wish to have any additional information or clarification on any aspect of the report, I would be grateful if you would forward your request, in writing, to the principal, Mrs L Woods or Acting Principal, Mrs M O’Doherty, who will endeavour to address your query. I hope you find this report informative and that it will give you a flavour of the type of year your child will have in the nursery, as well as revealing the amount of work that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ to ensure that your child is given the best quality Early Years education possible.




Yours sincerely,









Mrs Patricia Logue


Board of Governors

Bligh’s Lane Nursery School

















The 2017 –2018 academic year began for the children on Thursday 31st August 2017. Fifty-three children were admitted to the school during the month of September, in accordance with our admissions policy, and all settled well into the school environment. As before, the settling-in procedure extended through the month of September, with the two classes being divided in half – one half attending from 8.45-10.45am and the other half attending from 11.15 – 1.15pm. Both groups were amalgamated on 21st September, with dinners starting the following week.  As always the staff would like to thank all the parents for their patience and support during the settling in procedure.



The staff began the new school year by reviewing the school’s Child Protection Policy, Special Educational Needs Policy and focusing on Self-Evaluation. All staff were made aware of their roles in protecting the children in our care from any and all harm. Mrs. Woods and Mrs. O’Doherty began the “WellComm” Language Screening in September in order to identify those children who would require extra language support. The children were assessed again at the end of May 2018 in order to measure the progress which they had made.


Miss McGilloway and Mrs Meehan returned as Nursery Assistants. Mrs Meehan requested a “job share” arrangement and Ms Henry and herself shared the working week between them. This proved to be a successful arrangement with Mrs Meehan working Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and Ms Henry working Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Mrs Walsh returned as Special Needs Assistant and Ms Coyle and Ms Heaney were employed as new Special Needs Assistants for children awaiting Statements. Miss Cooke and Ms Henry were appointed to the posts of Extended Schools Assistants. Miss Cooke also supervised the Breakfast Club and was appointed as Language Support Assistant. She began to work with children at the beginning of October.


All staff undertook refresher training in Child Protection delivered by Mrs Woods during the month of September. Mrs Woods attended Principal’s Training at the North West Teachers’ Centre on 11th and 20th October with regard to improving Attention and Listening in young children. The Speech Therapist, Laura Rabbett, began working with the children who had specific or severe language difficulties on 17th October. Her post was funded via Extended Schools. All staff attended two days of training with other local nursery schools. The first day on the 26th October dealt with the first part of “Solihull Training” and the second day dealt with ‘Manual Handling Training’ on the 27th October. Mrs Woods delivered training to NVQ Students at the North West College on 24th October. Mrs O’Doherty completed Child Protection Training on 16th November at the North West Teachers’ Centre and Mrs Woods did so on 23rd November. All staff attended a second and final day of “Solihull Training” on 27th November and Mrs O’Doherty attended Refresher Training by the Autism Advisory and Intervention Service on 29th November. Mrs O’Doherty and Mrs Woods attended relevant Governor Training throughout the academic year. The entire staff worked on whole school ‘Self-evaluation’ during Staff Development and Baker days throughout the year reflecting on current practice and new initiatives. We specifically evaluated our outdoor area and made initial plans for it’s improvement. We all contributed ideas towards our new staffroom layout which became a reality in the Spring Term. Lockers for staff, more storage space for resources and extra working space were successfully introduced. Mrs Walsh attended Epilepsy and Anaphylactic Training on 11th January 2018 at The North West Teacher’s Centre. Mrs Woods attended training for “Sharing from the Start”, an exciting new project, on 15th January and 22nd January. We “teamed up” with “Stepping Stones” Playgroup in St Johnston and “Cockhill” Playgroup in Buncrana and the children enjoyed visits to each other’s settings as well as two “big” visits with all children together (one at “Wain’s World” in Buncrana and one at Lurgybrack Farm, Letterkenny) throughout the year. The Summer Term focused on transition arrangements with many sessions held with new parents, Primary One teachers, Educational Psychologists and SEN professionals. Extra “Stay and Play” sessions were made available this year for the new children and their parents were invited to attend “Positive Parenting” sessions delivered by Social Workers, Mr J McDevitt and Ms Leanne Street. Mrs O’Doherty and Mrs McCready attended “i-procurement” training in Omagh on 19th April.


The staff worked closely in planning the Pre-School Curriculum for the development of all the children, and to ensure the best quality provision, appropriate to each child’s needs.  They made accurate observations of significant achievements made by the children during play and recorded them in order to inform assessments, future planning and parents meetings.  The Block Play Area enabled the children to have space to build and extend their ideas and the staff were able to observe good examples of Shared Thinking; group work; problem solving and Early Mathematical Experiences.  As the school is very well resourced, all areas of the curriculum – Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Language (including Listening, Pre-Reading and Writing), Mathematical Development, The Arts, Physical Development and The World Around Us were included and planned for in the daily activities prepared for the children.  The “Musical Pathways to Learning” Programme began on 27th September and was delivered during the three terms by Mrs Una Carlin from the Music Service. It was thoroughly enjoyed by the children.  The ‘Jo Jingles’ music programme and the ‘Get Fit with Jo’ exercise programme continued to be incorporated into the Extended Day and this worked extremely well. Gymnastics and Yoga also continued to be available to the children. We also continued the football coaching by Maiden City Academy which was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the children, boys and girls.



The Language Programme “Take Time To Talk” continued successfully throughout the year. This programme involved parents and staff working together to support and encourage children’s language development. The programme was explained to parents at a meeting held at the Nursery on the 12th September. We focused on the ‘Language sheet’ for each story which included ideas and suggestions for parents enabling them to get the most learning out of each book. Mrs O’ Doherty created a display in the porch area each month, depicting aspects of the story and suggested questions to ask the children in order to develop their understanding. This encouraged conversation between parents and children as they passed the display daily. Each child received the ‘Story of The Month’ in turn to take home and share with their parents. Parents were very good at reporting back in the “Parents Comments Books” provided on how their child reacted to the stories and activities given.


As well as Ms Laura Rabbett, (Speech and Language Therapist through Extended Schools funding) working with children on a weekly basis, we were also very fortunate to have Ms Alison McCann and Ms Kevina Kelly (Speech and Language Therapists from Great James’ St Medical Centre) who came into our setting and completed all initial assessments of those children referred by us to Speech and Language Therapy, at the beginning of the Spring Term. Following these initial assessments, Ms Kevina Kelly was able to come into our setting on a weekly basis and work with these children once they had been “grouped”. She also worked with children on an individual basis. Our own Language Support Assistant, Miss Cooke, worked with groups of children everyday all year from each class. All children made very good progress by the end of the year and this is reflected in the “WellComm” Language Screening results, completed at the end of May.



The ‘Getting Ready to Learn’ programme continued this year and we began with the ‘Big Bedtime Read’ theme. Parents were invited to fill in a baseline questionnaire and sessions were delivered emphasising the importance of reading to and with children. The lending library was introduced in November and parents were fantastic at borrowing books to read at home on a regular basis. The highlight of the theme was a session at Creggan Library for parents and children and many of our families signed up to library membership on the day. The ‘Ages and Stages’ and ‘Education Works in Pre-School’ sessions were delivered in the Spring Term and included drop in clinics for parents to meet with Mrs O’Doherty to discuss any concerns they had around their child’s development, particularly with regard to physical skills. Ms Eimear Kelly, Speech and Language Therapist from “Rise NI” also delivered a talk regarding Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Language Development and Physical Development both to the parents (on 23rd January) and to the staff (on 7th February).The ‘Happy Healthy Kids’ theme was delivered in the Summer Term and focused on making parents aware of the amount of sugar in foods and drinks as well as the importance of exercise. Maiden City Soccer Academy demonstrated an active lesson for the parents outdoors.

In April, two Occupational Therapists from “Rise NI” began working with groups of children who required extra support with developing and improving both gross motor and fine motor skills. They came into our setting on a weekly basis for a period of approximately 6 weeks. The children concerned made good progress by the end of the programme. Three children were referred for continued support with “Rise NI”.

The staff avail of every opportunity to extend children’s learning via Environmental Visits (as recorded in the Calendar of Events).  Parents are always informed about these visits in advance and the staff undertake a Risk Assessment in advance of the visit. A record of the Risk Assessment is held in the school. There was a special emphasis on the development of the children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development in September by making children aware of the school rules in a positive way - by offering children choices; encouraging the development of their self-esteem; facilitating their independence; developing awareness of the importance of sharing, taking turns and being kind to one another; as well as focusing on the development of perseverance and concentration as the school year developed. 



This was an exciting new programme this year which we were fortunate enough to receive funding for. This programme encouraged children from different backgrounds and settings to mix with each other, thereby developing and extending their Personal, Social and Emotional skills further. We “teamed up” with “Stepping Stones” Playgroup in St Johnston and “Cockhill” Playgroup in Buncrana and the children enjoyed visits to each other’s settings as well as two “big” visits with all children together (one at “Wain’s World” in Buncrana and one at Lurgybrack Farm, Letterkenny), throughout the year. 



The Department of Education issued all schools with a document in June 2006, which directed them to consider extending their current provision for children and parents. This included examples such as breakfast clubs, homework clubs, sports activities etc. Schools in disadvantaged areas were given additional funding in order for them to address this initiative. The staff in this school decided to offer parents an ‘extended day’ meaning that some of the children would stay until 2.15pm, two days per week for an organised programme of activities. The extended day was optional and flexible and parents could opt in and out depending on their needs. The programme continued again for another year last year and extended beyond March despite initial concerns regarding insufficient funding. (This was on the recommendation of the Governing body). Once again, it proved to be a great success, with approximately 98% of children availing of the service. Our Breakfast Club for the children of working parents, which was introduced originally in November 2012 continued successfully for another year.  Miss Stephanie Cooke prepared the breakfast for and supervised those children in attendance.



Parents were informed that the Programme would be run by the Assistants in the school and that the teachers would not be directly involved. All parents were happy with this and gave their consent. The following facilitators conducted the sessions: Miss Stephanie (Jo Jingles and Get Fit with Joe), Miss Mary (Yoga), Miss Ann (Gymnastics) and Craig (Maiden City Academy). The adult-child ratio was therefore 1:7. The Governors of the school are delighted with the success of the Programme and attribute this to the excellent level of support given by the staff. 



The school is proud of its excellent reputation for supporting children with Special Needs.  In the 2017-2018 year, three of the children had a Statement of Special Educational Needs (all three Statements were processed by the end of the Autumn Term). A fourth child received a Statement on 13th June 2018. Children with Special Needs require detailed written Individual Education Plans which are prepared by the class teacher. As always the staff ensured that these children had access to the same activities that were provided for their peers. Educational Psychologists, “Rise NI” staff (e.g. Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists), Speech and Language Therapists and a range of other professionals visited the school regularly to assist the staff in assessing the progress of specific children, and in order to discuss this progress with their parents.


We were extremely fortunate this year to have the assistance of a retired teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience. This voluntary assistance was invaluable and very much appreciated. Mrs S O’Donnell came into our setting on a weekly basis specifically to assist a child with Special Needs who was awaiting assessment. This child very much needed one to one support and benefited greatly from the skills which Mrs S O’Donnell demonstrated when working with the child. She also did story and rhyme sessions with the whole class in Mrs O’Doherty’s room, assisted with the “Musical Pathways to Learning” sessions, supervised during outdoor play and assisted with the dinner routine.



Parents continued to be a source of invaluable support to the staff of the school, both in providing information about their child, which enables the staff to provide experiences necessary for each child’s learning, but also in practical ways, such as supporting staff on Environmental Visits and especially on Sports Day – bringing food etc for the staff to sell back to them and participating in all of the races. At Christmas time parents were extremely generous as they brought toys, books, clothes, food and other gifts in support of our Saint Vincent de Paul Appeal. One Granny in particular, was extremely generous providing numerous toys, puzzles, books, posters and Nativity figures for the children to learn from.


Monthly newsletters continued to inform parents of school events and aspects of the curriculum, as did the Parents’ Notice Board. Two Parent / Teacher meetings – in October and February – were held so that parents were kept informed of their child’s progress and were given an opportunity to support the work being carried out in school.  From February onwards, parents were involved in the Language/Maths Programme (explained to them at the February meeting), by working with their children using the Literacy folders and Maths packs which were sent home each week. The parents provided us with invaluable written comments following each activity.

Parents also received a copy of a progress report and a “WellComm” Language Assessment in June, which was forwarded to the child’s Primary School. 

During the Second Term, parents were invited to come into their child’s class and assist with the breakfast/snack routine. This was enormously popular with the parents (and grandparents!) and of course, the children loved showing their parents around the room and encouraging them to play with them!  Having parents’ interest in their child’s learning so clearly demonstrated to them, can only have a positive effect on the child’s attitude towards all future learning. Parents (and grandparents!) were also invited to come into the school at lunchtime for a “Come Dine with Me” session. This meant that they could sit with their child and enjoy lunch with them. This was also popular with the parents and most were extremely impressed at how smoothly the lunchtime routine ran and at the excellent behaviour of the children. Parents were also invited to ‘Come Read with Me’ as part of our Big Bedtime Read theme. Children absolutely loved having their parents read to them, and some of their friends, in school.

School Policies that have a direct impact on children – such as Child Protection; Health and Safety; Special Educational Needs; Positive Behaviour and Anti-Bullying etc - are always available for parents to read and are located in the entrance hall.

Parents whose children were due to start in September 2018 attended an information meeting in May and then brought their children to meet the staff later in May and also in June.

The Governors would like to express their appreciation to all the parents, since their support is a source of encouragement for all the staff as they endeavour to provide an environment of care and education for each child.




The Governors of the school gave of their time freely in the interest of the children, parents and staff. They attended meetings during the year which focused on for example, the general management of the school, new admissions, new staff appointments and budget deployment. The dates of all Governors meetings are recorded in the Calendar of Events, minutes of these meetings are forwarded to the EA, and copies are held on file in the school.






The staff and Governors of the school worked closely together so that all members would be clear about their roles; the continued development of teaching and learning; the aims of the school and the importance of protecting children at all times.  The children and staff in the school are protected on a daily basis by a Security Entry System, which allows staff to restrict admittance to the building if necessary.  A high priority is given to the promotion of health in the school. The staff continually talk to the children about health and healthy eating as part of the curriculum. The children had access to fresh fruit daily and brushed their teeth in school several times a week. The building’s alarm system is activated when the building is closed for the night and is connected to the PSNI and Group 4 Security.  A fire drill is conducted each term.



The staff work together in the afternoons when the children leave in order to prepare for the following day, reflect on practice, devise new teaching strategies and discuss children’s progress on an individual level. The Nursery assistants stay in school until 4.45pm one day each week to assist the teachers in planning for progression.  The staff work an additional 5 days per year (Baker Days) taken from their holiday allocation during which time they engage in staff development and training as well as preparing the school for the children at the beginning of the new academic year.



The Education Authority continues to support the school in all financial matters and the Schools Financial Systems continued to be monitored closely to ensure the efficient deployment of the Budget. The school’s budget continues to be healthy.



The community continued to play a vital role in the life of the school and the staff endeavoured to use every opportunity to use the community to develop the curriculum further.  The school worked closely with the following groups and professionals during the year:


  • Ø  Speech and Language Therapists
  • Ø  Educational Psychologists
  • Ø  Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists
  • Ø  Social Workers
  • Ø  Creggan Library
  • Ø  St John’s Primary School
  • Ø  Schools Library Service
  • Ø  ‘Jo Jingles’
  • Ø  Yoga Instructor
  • Ø  Gymnastics Instructor
  • Ø  Maiden City Academy
  • Ø  Banyan Theatre
  • Ø  Playgroup Leaders (St Johnston and Buncrana)
  • Ø  “Musical Pathways to Learning” Instructor
  • Ø  Firefighters
  • Ø  Paramedics
  • Ø  Dental Hygienist (Gasyard)

Work experience was provided within the school for students from various colleges in the city at different stages of the year.



Our Transition Programme continued in order to ensure a smoother transition from Nursery to Primary school.

As the vast majority of our children transfer to St John’s PS they attended Musical Pathways Sessions there in small groups in June. Primary One teachers met the teaching staff to discuss the individual needs of the children and parents then brought their child to a Stay and Play session in St John’s near the end of June. The teaching staff also completed a Transition Form for every child which was forwarded to the relevant Primary School.

The Transition Programme also involved a focus on a better transition experience for the children coming to us from all the various pre-school settings in the community.  All but twelve of the 53 children enrolled in the 2017-2018 School Year, transitioned to St. John’s Primary School. Three children went to St. Eithne’s Primary School, one child to St. Anne’s Primary School, one child to Nazareth House Primary School, one child to Holy Family Primary School, one child to Balloughry Primary School and one child moved to Liverpool. Of the four Statemented children, one child went to the Autistic Unit at The Model Primary School, one child to Ardnashee and the parents of the other two Statemented children, requested over-age retention for the 2018-2019 school year.



The following School Policies are displayed for parents to read in the entrance porch and a copy is available on request:

  • Ø  Child Protection Policy
  • Ø  Positive Behaviour Policy
  • Ø  Educational Visits Policy
  • Ø  Special Needs Policy
  • Ø  Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Ø  Policy on the use of Reasonable Force
  • Ø  Complaints Policy
  • Ø  Teaching and Learning Policy
  • Ø  Health and Safety Policy
  • Ø  Inclusion Policy
  • Ø  Self-Evaluation Policy




The Freedom of Information Act requires publicly funding bodies, including nursery schools, to be clear about the information they publish.  We have produced a publication scheme setting out all the information we publish on a regular basis and where to find it. Please ask the Principal if you wish to see, or be provided with a copy of the scheme.






The school hours are 8.45am – 1.15pm


The Extended Day operates from 1.15-2.15pm







The Board of Governors has adopted the following Charging and Remissions Policy.


A          Charging Policy

Free milk is provided daily for the children attending the nursery.  In addition all children are provided with a snack daily and parents are asked to contribute £2.00 per week towards the cost of bread, fruit, biscuits etc.  Surplus monies are used for the following:


  • Parties (Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Summer)
  • Picnics and School Trips
  • Contributions towards family bereavements
  • Items that are bought regularly e.g. Flour, salt etc. (for dough), bulbs, seeds, books


B          Voluntary Contributions

The Board of Governors reserves the right to seek voluntary contributions from parents in support of any school activity or for the benefit of the school.  Pupils whose parents are either unwilling or unable to make such contributions will not be treated differently.  However, the school reserves the right to cancel planned activities it the voluntary contributions are insufficient to meet the costs of the planned activity.



C          Breakage / Losses

The Board of Governors reserves the right to seek to recover from parents the whole or part of the cost of breakages and losses incurred as a result of a pupil’s behaviour.



CHAIRPERSON:                   Mrs P Logue


SECRETARY:                        Mrs L Woods


REPRESENTING EA    :          Mrs R Mc Gill

                                          Mr C O’Donnell

                                          Mrs P Logue


REPRESENTING DE:             Mr B Faulkner

                                          Mrs M Shields



                                          Mrs C Gillespie




PRINCIPAL:                         Mrs L Woods (Non-Voting Member)




The Governors are ultimately responsible for the overall management of the school.  Some of their responsibilities include:


  1. The management of the school budget
  2. School maintenance
  3. Implementation of new legislation
  4. Selection of new staff and other personnel responsibilities
  5. The oversight of the curriculum
  6. Admissions policy
  7. Fostering links with the community and pursuing the objectives of mutual understanding
  8. Responding to consultative documents





STAFFING 2017-2018

Staffing Complement 2017 – 2018:

Teachers:  Principal             Mrs L Woods

                Class Teacher      Mrs M O’Doherty                                                                                                          

Ancillary Staff:

Nursery Assistant (32.5 hours per week) Miss M Mc Gilloway

Nursery Assistant (Job Share: 3 Days 19.5 hours per week) Mrs M Meehan

Nursery Assistant (Job Share: 4 Days 19 hours per week) Ms W Henry

Special Needs Assistant (22.5 hours per week) Mrs C Walsh

Special Needs Assistant (22,5 hours per week) Ms L  Coyle

Special Needs Assistant (22.5 hours per week) Miss G Heaney



1 Clerical Assistant (12 hours per week) Mrs M Mc Cready

1 Building Supervisor (16.5 hours per week) Mrs M Doherty

1 Dining Attendant (7.5 hours per week) Mrs M Harkin

Extended Schools Assistant (4 hours per week) Miss W Henry

Extended Schools Assistant (4 hours per week) Miss S Cooke

Language Support Assistant (15 hours per week) Miss S Cooke













                                   CALENDAR OF EVENTS


Autumn Term


August:    29Baker Day. School Development Plan Targets/Staff Training/Curriculum Planning

               30Baker Day. Child Protection / Home Visits

               31: Autumn Term begins: Intake Group 1


                5: “WellComm” Language Screening begins Group 1

                7:    Intake Group 2

                12: Parent Language and Books Meeting

                21: Amalgamation of Class Groups/ Getting to Know Me Theme begins

                22: Staff Meeting                                 

                25: Breakfast Club starts

                25: Governors’ Meeting

                27: Musical Pathways begins

                27: Staff Meeting

                28: Dinner Routine begins



October:   2: Staff Meeting

                2: Initial meeting with Ms L Rabbett (Speech and Language Therapist)

                3: Staff Meeting

                9 : Language Support Assistant begins

               11: Mrs Woods’ PRSD Meeting

               11: Governors’ Meeting: School Development Plan

               12: Meeting with Ms U Sheerin (Speech and Language Therapist)   

               16: Halloween Theme Begins; Settling-In Parent Meetings Begin                 

               17: Ms L Rabbett (Speech and Language Therapist) begins                          

               18: Early Education Meeting

               19: 2 St Mary’s Students begin 5 day placement

               20: Mrs Woods: Attention and Listening Training NWTC

               24: Mrs Woods: Talk to NVQ Students at North West College

               25: Child Protection Meeting (Mrs O’Doherty) Shantallow Health Centre

               25: Halloween Party; Staff Meeting

               26: Solihull Training Day 1

               27: Manual Handling Training



November: 3: Autumn Walk: St Columb’s Pk/ Autumn Theme begins

                 6: Extended Day starts

                 7: Ms L Rabbett “GRtL” Parent Session “Education Works in Pre School”

                 7: Ms E Rutherford- Language and Communication Service

                 8: Banyan Theatre: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

                 9: Ms K Kelly (Speech and Language Therapist)

                13:“Big Bedtime Read” Talk (Mrs Woods’ Parents)

                13: NVQ Student begins

                14: Case Conference Creggan Day Centre (Mrs O’Doherty)

                15: St Cecilia’s Student: 3 day placement begins

                16: Mrs O’Doherty: Child protection Training NWTC

                20: “Big Bedtime Read” Talk (Mrs O’Doherty’s Parents)

                21: Early Education Meeting (Mrs Woods)

                23: Mrs Woods: Child Protection Training NWTC

                27: Solihull Training Day 2

                29: Autism Refresher Training (Mrs O’Doherty)




December:     1: Christmas Theme begins

                     5: Mrs Woods’ Nativity Dress Rehearsal

                     5: Ms S Doherty Occupational Therapist “Rise NI” Meeting

                     5: St Vincent de Paul Shopping

                     6: Mrs O’Doherty’s Dress Rehearsal

                     7: Mrs Woods’ Class Nativity Play

                     8: Mrs O’Doherty’s Class Nativity Play

                    11: Mrs Woods Class visit Creggan Library

                    11: Visit to St John’s Nativity Play

                    13: Mrs O’Doherty’s Class visit Creggan Library

                    15: St Vincent de Paul Donations collected

                    18: Visit to Creggan Chapel

                    18: Early Education Meeting (Mrs Woods)

                    20: Santa Visit to the Nursery

                    21: Staff Development Day

                    22: Christmas Holidays begin     


Spring Term


    3: SDD- Review of Outdoor Provision, Staffroom Improvements, PRSD     

    4: New term begins for children/ Winter Theme begins

    4: New Student begins (North West College) for 2 days a week

    8: Mrs Woods: Case Conference

    11: New Student begins (North west College) once a week Jan-May

    11: Mrs Walsh: Epilepsy and Anaphylactic Training NWTC

    12: Children assessed in school by Speech Therapists (A McCann/K.Kelly)

    15: Mrs Woods: “Sharing from the Start” Training

    16: Selection Advisory Meeting

    22: Educational Psychologist Visit: Ms M O’Connell

    22: Governor Training “Handling Complaints” (Mrs O’Doherty) NWTC

    23: GRtL “Education Works in Pre School” Talk (Ms E Kelly)

    23: Educational Psychologist Visit: Ms L McAlinden

    25: Educational Psychologist Visit: Ms L McAlinden

    25: Report Writing: Mrs Woods

    29: Report Writing: Mrs O’Doherty

    30: Case Conference: Mrs O’Doherty

    31: Early Education Meeting


February: 1: People Who Help Us Theme begins

               5: Mid-Year Parent Meetings begin

               5: Fire Fighters’ Visit

               7: Ms E Kelly (Speech and Lang Therapist) Language Dev Talk for Staff

               7: Paramedics Visit

              13: Banyan Theatre: Red Riding Hood

              14: School Photographer

              15-19 inclusive: Mid Term Break

               20: Governors’ Training: Principal’s Role (Mrs Woods)

               21: Case Conference Shantallow Health Centre (Mrs O’Doherty)

               26: Educational Psychologist Visit (Ms D Rodden)

               27: First “Shared Education” Trip: “Wain’s World” Buncrana (All Children)

               28: ASD Service Visit (Ms T Timlan)

















































March:  1: Speech and Language Therapist (Ms K Kelly) begins working with groups

            5: GRtL “Ages and Stages” Talk (Mrs O’Doherty)

            6: Educational Psychologist Visit (Ms T Duffy)

           12: GRtL”Ages and Stages” Talk 2 (Mrs O’Doherty)

           12: Governors’Meeting

           14: Annual Review Meetings (Mrs P Haughey and Ed Psych Ms D Rodden)

           16 and 19: St Patrick’s Day Holiday

           20: Early Education Training: Music Ideas (Mrs S Campbell)/ Easter Theme

           20: Governor Training SEN and Disability Act (Mrs Woods and Mrs O’Doherty)

           21: “Clinic” for Parents (Advice/ Packs to develop Physical Skills) (Mrs O’Doherty)

           23: Shared Education “Groups” visit each other’s settings

           27: Planning Positive Parenting Talk (Mr J McDevitt/ Mrs Woods)

           27: LMS Meeting NWTC

           29: Trip to “Bananas” at Bowling Alley

           30: Easter Holidays begin


Summer Term


April:  9: Term begins. The Farm Theme begins. Case Conference (Mrs Woods)

         10: Educational Psychologist Visit: Ms L Moore/Mr M Givern

         11: Occupational Therapists “Rise NI” begin weekly Group work

         12: “Shared Education” Visit to Lurgybrack Farm (All Children)

         16: Extended Schools begins again

         18: Speech Therapist (Ms K Kelly) to assess individual child

         19: “i-Procurement” Training Omagh (Mrs McCready/ Mrs O’Doherty)

         19: Occupational Therapist from ASD Service to assess individual child

         20: Banyan Theatre: Three Billy Goats Gruff

         20: Speech Therapist (Ms K Kelly) to assess individual child

         23: Ed psych Student to assess individual child


May:   1: Visit to “Tropical World” Butterfly Farm Letterkenny

          1: Summer Gardens/Minibeasts Theme begins. Staff Meeting

          2: Extended Schools Meeting NWTC (Mrs Woods)

          3: Shared Education Planning (Mrs Woods)

          4: Meeting with Ms H Crossan re: Outdoor improvements

          7 and 8: Bank Holiday

          9: Planning new Class Lists for 2018-2019

         15: Shared Education “Groups” visit each other’s settings

         16: New Parents’ Talk in St John’s

         16: Meeting with P1 Teachers from St John’s re: new children groups

         18: Visit to Shooting Starz

         18: LAC Meeting (Mrs O’Doherty)

         21: GRtL “Happy Healthy Kids” Sessions (Mrs Woods)

         21: Principals’ meeting Galliagh Nursery

         22: WellComm Language Screening begins (Progress)

         22: Speech Therapists Ms U Sheerin and Ms E Merrigan to observe child

         23: Final day of “Shared Education” Training (Mrs Woods)

         25: Sports Day

         28 and 29: Bank Holiday

         30: Ed Psych Student Feedback Session

         30: First “Stay and Play” Sessions (First groups)

         31: Second “Stay and Play” Sessions




  JUNE: 1: Beach Theme Begins

            2: Mrs Woods to IFS training Omagh

            6: Building update meeting; New SEN children to visit

            13: Visit from P1 teachers

            14: Stay and Play Session: Day 1: New Children and Parents;

            15: Stay and Play Session: Day 2: New Children and Parents;

            19: Home-visits begin

            21: Musical Pathways Sessions at St. Johns

            26: Governor’s Meeting

            28: Magician and Leaving Party: Last Day of Term for Children

            29: Staff Development Day

            30: Staff Development Day