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January Newsletter 2019


             Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a peaceful Christmas and the staff would like to wish all the children and their parents a very Happy New Year.  Welcome back to your second term in Bligh’s Lane Nursery School! Thank you for all your support to date – especially to all those who attended the Nativity plays – this meant a lot to the children. 

Nursery School Applications (2019)

If you have a child (or know of a child) due to start Nursery in September 2019 (i.e. born between 2 July 2015 and 1 July 2016), and you have not already applied for a nursery place, please do so as soon as possible.  This year, parents have to apply online. You can apply for their place online from Wednesday 2nd January 2019. The closing date and time for applications will be 12.00 midnight on Thursday 31st January 2019. Further information is available on the EA website under the Admissions section at-  Children DO NOT have to live in Creggan in order to apply to our school, but they DO have to be resident in the North. If you need help please contact us. We have parent information leaflets in school and  tri-fold guidance leaflets for you. For further assistance, telephone the Admissions Helpdesk 028 9598 5595 Please remember to bring your child’s birth certificate and verifying information (i.e. 2 proofs of address) to us as well. There is a separate benefit verification form for Socially Disadvantaged children. This can be downloaded or alternatively, a copy can be obtained from school.

Primary School Applications (2019)

The application procedure for your child starting Primary One is exactly the same as for Nursery Applications: THEY HAVE TO BE DONE ONLINE THIS YEAR. The same EA website address as above will allow you to access the application form.

Monthly Theme

The general theme for this month will be ‘Winter’.  As the children will be learning about Arctic animals, if you have any penguins or Polar bears please bring them in for the Interest Tables.  The Key Words that the children will be learning this month are: Igloo; Inuit (formally ‘Eskimo’); Polar Bear; Penguin; Ice Cubes; Ice Berg; Icicle; Freeze; Melt; Frost and Snowflake.


Environmental Science

During this month the children will be learning about Arctic Animals, icebergs, the effects of snow and frost, and about the process of melting and freezing.

Songs and Rhymes 


Funny Little Snowman                         Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake

The Penguin Song                                           Georgie Porgie

5 Little Snowmen Fat                                      The Muffin Man

The Snowball                                                   Incy Wincy Spider (Winter Version)

The Winter Song                                             Three Little Kittens




How you can help to reinforce our Winter Theme


Children learn much, much more if their parents take an interest in what they are learning at school. Why not search the Internet for information or videos about Inuit, igloos, penguins and other Arctic and Antarctic animals etc. and if you find a good site let us know so we can share it with all the children. If you don’t have access to the internet at home you can use the computers in the Creggan Library – they will also have lots of books for you to share with your child


Breakfast Rota

Our Breakfast Rota starts this month and will continue until the end of the year. Each class would need one parent each day to help children with breakfast and clear it away.  The children do most of this themselves now but they LOVE having mammy or daddy in school. The time commitment would be 8.45 -10.00am approximately – but parents can stay as long as they like. Grandparents are welcome too! If you are interested ask your child’s teacher to explain how it all works or sign up on the calendar outside of each room. Last year’s parents really enjoyed the opportunity to see what goes on in the nursery on a normal day.


Come Dine with Us”

Mammy and /or daddy can now come and join us for dinner. You will be able to see how the dinner routine works and how well the children can sit and eat. You can sit beside your own child and eat with us – just speak to your child’s teacher to arrange a day that suits you. Mrs Doherty’s class start dinner at 11.45am and Mrs O’Doherty’s class start about 10 minutes afterwards. Dinner usually lasts about 30 minutes. We are really looking forward to you all joining us as last years’ parents really enjoyed this opportunity.



Some Reminders:


Dress Warmly!

-Please remember to dress your child for the weather conditions – they need warm coats, hats, scarves and MITTENS (if possible- better and easier than gloves) every day. We only put on the school coats if it’s very wet or snowing. Also, begin to teach your child how to zip up his/her coat – this helps children to get ready for outdoor play more quickly. Also, ‘thank you’ for remembering not to send children into school wearing shoes with laces last term!!!



We urgently need donations of boxes of tissue for the nursery. If each family provides one box it should see us through the ‘runny nose’ season. Thank you.

Extended Schools Programme

Mrs Doherty’s Class will begin extended schools again on Monday 7th January for their two week block. Mrs O’Doherty’s Class next session will be on Monday 21st January. Please read the Poster on the porch door each week so that you know which class is staying late. 



Getting Ready to Learn

-       Big Bedtime Read – We will continue to borrow the orange book packs on Fridays. We would appreciate some parents helpers to facilitate the signing out/in. This should only take 15 minutes on a Friday at dropping off and picking up time.


-       Ages and stages- Mrs O’Doherty will run two sessions for parents, probably in March, which will help you recognise the developmental milestones for children of nursery age. She will give ideas of activities to help your child achieve their milestones and offer advice if you are worried about your child’s development. Further details about the dates and times of these sessions will be available next month.


Storytime reminder

Parents from both classes are welcome to come into Mrs. Doherty’s class at 1.00pm each day to watch a ‘Storytime’. You may also visit Mrs. O’Doherty’s class to see a song and rhyme session. We ask that you observe quietly and do not try to catch your child’s attention.

St. Vincent de Paul

Thank you all so much for the gifts you brought for the St. Vincent de Paul Appeal, you were exceptionally generous this year, and we hope you enjoyed the little ceremony at the chapel.


Birthdays This Month      


Conor Meenan      Andrew Shiels                                                


Logan McCourt     Thomas Carlin                               


Abaigh Deery        Luke Doherty





































































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