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Newsletter February 2018  

Monthly Theme    

The theme for this month is ‘Myself and My Family’.  The children will be involved in discussions about themselves, the people they love and people who help us.  We will be talking about our bodies, how they work and the importance of healthy foods and exercise.  If you have anything ‘Love’ related e.g. Heart shapes, please bring them into school.   

  Songs and Rhymes  


I have ten little fingers

Two little eyes




Polly put the kettle on

One little finger



When Goldilocks went to the house of the Bears 

Open, Shut them                               


Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes 


If you’re happy and you know it


Granny’s glasses   

Rock-a-bye baby

Fire Engine Rhyme

I look in the Mirror

Miss Polly had a Dolly

I wiggle my Fingers

Bend your body



     Early Mathematical Experiences   

We will be developing awareness of the Heart shape this month and also reinforcing ‘In Front / Behind, First  and Last’. There should also be lots of opportunity to point out ‘heart shapes’ in town this month! The development of other aspects of maths can be seen on the Monthly Planning sheet on the Parents’ Notice Board. 

Early Science  

The children will be experimenting with mixing colours to make new colours using paint and crepe paper.  Other aspects of science will be explored during discussions about the body and functions of major organs (in simple terms).   

Mid-Year Reports

Mrs Woods and Mrs O’Doherty are completing the children’s mid-year Reports. You will have the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher during the week of the 5th February. A signing up sheet is available for each teacher.

Fire Service Visit

As part of our theme we will be having a visit from the fire service on Monday 5th February. The fire-fighters will talk to the children about fire safety and read them a story which reinforces the important messages. The children will then have the opportunity to explore the fire-engine (weather permitting) or to dress up and find out about the fire-fighting equipment. It’s sure to be great fun!


Ambulance and Paramedics Visit

Paramedics from the ambulance service will bring a special ambulance to the school on 7th February. They bring their stretcher and medical equipment into the classrooms, and talk to the children about what happens after an accident. They let them see (and ‘try on’) some of their equipment! Afterwards, the children go outside to see the inside of the ambulance. We are very lucky to be able to arrange these visits, as the Paramedics do this for us on their days off.


Focusing on Developing Your Child’s Language Skills

The staff have been working especially hard this year with promoting the development of language skills. During our last parent/teacher meetings lots of parents asked how they can help their child, so in addition to the weekly book and ‘Book of the Month’ we have provided special language ‘activity packs’ which will go inside each child’s Library bag each week, beginning after the half-term.  The activities in these packs aim to give you some idea of how you can help to boost your child’s language development at home. A little time spent helping your child with language each week will help him/her to be ready for the demands of Primary school.  You will also find a ‘Parents’ Comments’ book which can be used to let us know how your child responds to the activities. *Your child will not get a language pack on the week they have the ‘Book of the Month.’

To help us get the children’s books ready every week we ask that you return book-bags on Monday or Tuesday.

Getting Ready to Learn- Come Read with Me

Thank you to you all for your commitment to borrowing and reading books to your children from our lending library. A huge thanks to the parents who have helped out. If you can spare a half hour on a Friday we still need help- sign up on the sheet on the notice board.

We are launching our ‘Come Read with Me’ sessions in February. Parents can sign up to come in for 15-20 minutes at the beginning of the day to read a story/stories to your child and other children in our book corner. You could even bring your own favourite book to share.  It is a ‘low-key’ activity that your child will love and we strongly encourage you to take part. A sign up sheet is available in the hallway.

 Sharing From the Start

We have been successful in a bid to take part in an Early Years specific Shared Education project. We are the only nursery school in Derry who have been accepted onto the project! We have formed a partnership with two settings- Cockhill Community Pre-School in Buncrana and Stepping Stones Playgroup in Raphoe. The aim of the project is for our children to interact and form friendships with children from different areas and backgrounds. We will enjoy 30 hours of shared experiences between now and the end of the year. This will include visits to each other’s schools, visits to outdoor and educational settings- basically we plan to have lots of fun together! Further information on the project and an outline of what we plan to do together will be available in the next few weeks.

Banyan Theatre

Karen will return on the 13th February with the story of ‘Red Riding Hood’. If any of you would like to see the show with the children you are very welcome to attend.

School Photographer

The school photographer will visit on Wednesday 14th February.  Every child will have 3 different ‘poses’ taken.  You will receive a small sample of each of the poses and examples of the various sizes available, and you can then decide if you want to buy any of them. Photographs will be taken during class times. There will be no water, paint, dough or anything messy available because of this – so ‘good’ clothes can be worn!   You may also bring other members of the family if you wish – photographs of family members will be taken as soon as the photographer is set up, usually from 8.30am, so come early if you want photos of your other child / children taken.

Snack Money Reminder

Please remember to pay your weekly snack money. As well as buying the foods and drinks for snack it also pays for our trips out and for any extra activities within school such as Banyan Theatre.

Mid-Term Break 

The school will be closed to the children on the following dates: Thursday and Friday 15th, 16th and Monday 19th February

Birthdays this Month    

 Leah McFeely               4th

 Sean McLaughlin         13th

 Eli Deery                      22nd


 Connor Fitzpatrick          6th

 AJ McKinney-Holden     14th

 Connor Harkin               26th


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