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Monthly Theme:   SPRING 


Winter is over – hopefully! So the theme for the month of April will be ‘Spring’.   As you will know by now we continue to encourage the children to notice and describe changes in their environment – they may have seen daffodils growing in their gardens at home or in green areas in the town.  Some children have noticed that Spring flowers are growing in our planters in the playground. The children will be doing observational paintings and drawings of Spring flowers, so if you have cherry blossoms, tulips, daffodils or branches with buds on them in your garden, please bring them in for the children to see, and encourage your child to notice changes in your garden or the environment as you travel to school.


Language Development

There will be lots of discussion about the parts of flowers; bulb, seed, shoot, stem, bud, petal, leaf and flower. We will also talk about farm animals, the names of their young, where young animals come from and how they change as they grow.  We will focus especially on the Life Cycle of the Frog. The children will learn about these things through stories, lotto games, factual dvds, internet and CD ROMs.  Why not go to the library and find some books connected to this topic to share with your child or search for them on the internet? Be sure to let us know what you find! Our special story of the month for March will be “Jack and the Beanstalk.”



Language and Maths Activity Packs

We will continue to provide activities for your child to take home that focus on language development and soon introduce some mathematical activities. This is another way in which you can really get involved with your child’s learning. The children who DON’T have the Special Story will get activities in their library bags for you to help them with. Don’t forget to read your Language Letter also so you can get the most out of the Special Story when your child gets it.




Songs and Rhymes

Spring is the time when the magic comes    Old MacDonald

Baa Baa Black Sheep                                 Five green Bottles

I went to visit a farm one day                    Five little Speckled frogs

Flowers grow like this                               Cows in the Kitchen

This little Piggy                                        To Market

If I had a Donkey                       Jack and the Beanstalk Rhyme



Environmental Science                          

Children need to ‘do’ and ‘see’ in order to understand therefore we will be planting Broad beans and Kidney beans so that the children can see the ‘roots’ growing clearly. We will also use factual books and stories to reinforce the concept of growth.  If you are doing any planting at home please let your child help – they learn so much from these activities and will be very sensible if you explain what you want them to do!




Getting Ready to Learn 

-       Big Bedtime Read – Thank you all for looking after our lending packs so well over the past 6 months. The packs are being taken home on a very regular basis and the children seem to be getting a lot from it. Thank you, Maegan’s Daddy for your help on a Friday morning!

-       Come Read with Me Thank you to the parents who came in to read with their children in February. The children loved this!

-       Ages and Stages – Mrs. O’Doherty will provide two sessions for parents this month, with ideas for ways to help your child at home. She will talk about Ages and Stages with regard to Language development and Physical development in particular. She will also talk about the areas of the Early Years Curriculum and what is expected at Nursery age. The dates will be 4th March 1.30-2.15 for Mrs O’Doherty’s parents and 11th March 1.30-2.15 for Mrs Doherty’s parents.

-       Happy Healthy Kids- We will begin our final theme during the Summer Term. It looks at things we can do to keep our children fit and healthy. The dates for these session will be available in May.


Shared Education

We will continue our ‘Sharing from the Start’ project throughout this month. There will be a shared session (session 5) on Friday 1st March, featuring “Jo Jingles” and another shared session (session 6) on Friday 29th March. On the 1st March, Yellow group will go to St Johnston and Blue group will go to Cockhill. Red group and Green group will stay in school. On 29th March, Green group will go to St Johnston and Red group will go to Cockhill. Yellow group and Blue group will stay in school on that day.  

 Come Dine with Me

Remember you can still join your child for breakfast or lunch on any day. They absolutely love having a parent in to see how well they eat and their super table manners! A sign-up sheet is available in the hall.


St.Patrick’s Day Celebrations

We will be celebrating St. Patrick’s day in school on Thursday 14th March. Your child can wear something green that day and we will have Irish Dancers performing from 12.45pm until 1.15pm, which parents are welcome to come and see! The children will be off school on Friday 15th March and Monday 18th March. We will return to school on Tuesday 19th March.


Banyan Theatre

Karen will be coming again on Friday 22nd March to perform the story of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” using her wonderful puppets and creative props. If you would like to watch this with your child, please let staff know.



Birthdays This Month


Naomi Dillon

Sean Og Hamilton

K.B. McCormick-Nicell

Kyrah McLaughlin





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