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Easter Newsletter

Monthly Theme

The theme for this month is ‘Easter’. Please let your child bring something Easter related for the Easter Table.  We will focus on the ‘Oval’ shape and ‘Pattern Awareness’ (Stripes, zigzags and wavy lines) this month through discussion and art activities.                     


Songs and Rhymes       


Little Peter Rabbit            Humpty Dumpty

Little Rabbit Foo Foo              Chook, Chook, Chook

   Five Fat Sausages                Five Shiny Eggs           

   Hickety Pickety                     3 Sticky Lollipops

5 Little Rabbits                  Ride a Cock Horse

One Potato   5 Little Ducks                                                                                                       

GRtL- Education Works in Pre-School: Helping your child at home

Here are some more ways that you can help to reinforce our topic and also ways to encourage good behaviour at home:

  • Point out oval shapes or patterns at home or in town - if possible
  • Talk about what you are doing when you are dividing up cakes or sandwiches – use the words ‘divide’, ‘cut in half’ etc.
  • Name the shapes of the sandwiches – or ask your child what shape of sandwich / piece of bread they would like
  • Let your child help you set the table – tell them how many knives and forks you need and talk to them about Left and Right – they are already doing this in school
  • If you have time (maybe at the weekends) encourage your child to dress himself/herself – your child is at a stage where he/she wants to do things for him/herself.  This activity not only develops confidence, independence, and physical skills, but also logical thinking and sequencing skills.
  • Buy some stickers for encouraging good behaviour at home – they mean so much to your child and are a visible sign of your approval



The Easter Bunny will hide some Easter Eggs in the playground before Easter – usually during the last week before the Easter holidays. The children will then have and Easter Egg hunt (only one Egg each unfortunately!)


The children will visit Bananas in the Bowling Alley on Wednesday 17th April  – please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately – LONG SLEEVES MUST BE WORN (to prevent friction burns) AND NO BASEBALL BOOTS PLEASE   - all children should be wearing shoes with Velcro tapes.  This is our last day of school before the Easter holidays.  There will be no dinner on this day and children should be collected at the school at 11.30am



The school will be closed from Thursday 18th April – Monday 29th April (inclusive) for the Easter Holidays. We return to school on Tuesday 30th April. 



Please make sure your child is dropped off and picked up promptly. Doors open from 8.45am in the mornings and children can be collected from 1pm. In the interests of safety our external door will not open until 1 pm.



We ask that you return book bags on a Monday. Remember your child will get a book and a language/maths pack every week (unless they have the Book of the Month). Remember also that you are welcome to come and see a story or singing session on any day.



‘Thank you’ to all the Parents who have been able to come in and help the children with their breakfast – almost every parent in the school has helped – in some families both mum and dad have done it.  Thank you also to the parents who were able to come and have dinner with us – again some parents come more than once! There is also a rota for April – please sign up again and perhaps come in when your child is the Helper this time! It’s a great way to see how independent your child has become and the foods they eat here that they may ‘claim’ to dislike at home!



Remember to check out our facebook page by searching for Bligh’s Lane Nursery School or visit our website at You will find news and updates as well as newsletters, photos and other useful information.



We have had six shared sessions now and our seventh will be on 10th April. There will be one more final session after this on 14th May. Children are so good at mixing and making new friends without a second thought- we adults could learn a lot from them!



The extended schools budget for 2018-19 ends on the 31st of March. The Board of Governors have agreed that we can use our own budget to fund the months of April and May. Please see the new timetable attached to this letter.



Oh my goodness! How lucky have we been to have had Mrs Doherty teaching the children in Class 1 while Mrs Woods has been on maternity leave. Mrs Doherty has been amazingly dedicated and hardworking during her time with us and the children have loved her. She has stimulated each individual child and planned specific activities to cater for each child’s needs. She has been a wonderful asset to our staff team sharing her experience and many talents and ideas. We want to thank her so so much but we will not say “Good Bye” just yet. We hope that she will still come in “the odd day” to be with the children when Mrs Woods returns. We would like to extend a huge big “Welcome Back” to Mrs Woods, our Principal who returns to school on Wednesday 10th April. We look forward to having her back on the staff again.




Lexi Nicholson                  Daniel Morrow                         

Happy Easter!

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