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Christmas Newsletter 2014



The Theme for this month is Christmas.  There will be a Christmas table in each classroom, so please help your child to bring something ‘Christmas’ related into school. Talk to your child about the Nativity story as we have suggested on your Laminated sheet and help them to learn the songs that you know – especially the first verse of Away in a Manger, as it is very difficult for young children.




Nativity songs 

Christmas Songs 

  Here we go up to Bethlehem                         

  Jingle Bells                

  I was there on the night when Jesus came

  When Santa got stuck up the Chimney

  Away in a manger                                                      

  Santa Claus is coming to town

  Follow the Star                                                           

  Silly Santa Song     

  Angel Gabriel’s Song

  Christmas Star

  Shepherd’s Song

  Father Christmas




The children perform a very simple Nativity Play each year.  Class performances will be on the following 



  MONDAY 15TH   DECEMBER      9.30 am           Mrs Gillen’s Class


TUESDAY 16TH   DECEMBER     9.30 am          Mrs O’ Doherty’s Class


The Children will get opportunities to try out the different Nativity parts during the weeks leading up to Christmas, and we need parents to understand that every part in the play is important because every child is important.  Some children will have a few words to say and it is important to remember that some children are comfortable talking in front of others and some are not – we do not want to upset any child so each child must be happy with their own part. We hold the play early in the morning before the children become tired and it usually lasts about 15 or 20 minutes at most. 

Parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles etc. are very welcome to attend, but we do ask that other children

are not brought to the Nativity plays as this has proved to be very distracting for our small children in the past.  It is essential that the children are at school every day now unless they are very sick, as we will be learning the Nativity songs and talking about the play.  Cameras are allowed since all parents have signed their consent for photographs/videos to be taken of the Nativity Plays.


On the morning of your child’s Play please dress your child as below:

             Girls should wear white vests, pants and tights (or socks)

             Boys should wear any type of dark-coloured top and bottoms


We have all the costumes required for each child.






The Primary One children and their teachers from St John’s Primary School will be invited to attend the dress rehearsals of the Nativity Plays if they don’t clash with their own performances. It will be lovely for us to see last year’s children again and it will be good for our children to have an ‘audience’ before the ‘big day’!


Santa Claus will visit the school on Thursday 18th December during class times and each child will receive a gift.   Both classes sit together in the hall for Santa’s visit and the children go up to see him one by one (If you think your child will be afraid of Santa, let us know so that we can seat him/her further away – if a child doesn’t want to go up to Santa, he hands the child his/her present from a safe distance!). We will take a photograph of every child with Santa. This is the last day of school before Christmas, we will have our Christmas party before Santa arrives, and all the children should be collected at 12.00 Noon. 



The children will have ‘Christmas Dinner’ in school with all the trimmings on Thursday 11th December.



During the Christmas season we help the children to understand the importance of giving rather than receiving.  There has been a tradition in the school each year that the parents bring items of groceries, toiletries, small toys, books or clothes etc. to donate to needy families on behalf of the families in the school.  Parents have been very generous in the past and we know that this year will be no exception.  Bring what you can into school as soon as you can and before Monday 15th December. We will take what has been collected to St Mary’s Chapel on Wednesday 17th December.  The staff will walk up to the Chapel with the children. A priest from the parish and a representative from the St Vincent De Paul Society welcome the children, each child then leaves a small ‘gift’ (i.e. something that you have brought in) in front of the crib and we all sing our Nativity songs.  Parents / grandparents are welcome to attend this little ceremony, which will begin at 12.50pm, and then all children should be collected from the Chapel at 1.15pm.

The staff would like to thank parents in advance for their generosity on behalf of the St Vincent de Paul Society, who will ensure that your donations are distributed to those in need this Christmas.



Every Christmas the parents in this school bring presents for the staff – and of course this is very much appreciated. We feel that it is too much to expect parents to buy presents for staff.  You all have your own family to buy fo which is much more important. We would be delighted if every child brought the staff a Christmas card – this would mean a lot.  Thank you.


Visit to Creggan Library

The children will visit Creggan Library to hear some Christmas stories on the following dates: 


    -Mrs O’ Doherty’s Class: Tuesday 9th December


    -Mrs Gillen’s Class: Wednesday 10th December



We have had a very positive response with regard to this programme from children and parents. The Extended Schools programme will not run on the week of 15th December, as it will be a very busy week.


You will receive a new Extended Day Timetable after Christmas and remember, there will always be a poster on the door on the way out of the school that will tell you which class stays for Extended Schools each week.



The school will be closed to the children on Friday 19th December and we will see you all again on Monday 5th January 2015.




The staff would like to thank all our parents for their support to date and to wish you all very Merry Christmas! We have had a lovely term with all of the children and we have seen so much progress already.




If you have (or know of) a child due to start Nursery in September 2015 i.e. 3 years old on or before 2nd July, please inform a member of staff or telephone 71267603. Parents should also contact their preferred Primary School in order to obtain an application form for Primary One – forms are available NOW!




Sadly, it will be Miss Owen’s last day in our nursery on Friday 5th December. She has been here since February covering Mrs Meehan’s maternity leave. We wish her well and hope that we may see her again soon. Mrs Meehan will have to leave baby Jack and return to work on Monday 8th December!





    Aoife Monaghan         4th

    Rebecca Kelly             15th  


























SANTA AND CHRISTMAS PARTY: THURSDAY 20th (Children to be collected by 12.00 Noon)













Bligh’s Lane Nursery School


November Newsletter



The theme for this month is ‘Autumn’.  Please let your child bring in anything that is Autumn related e.g., leaves, berries, chestnuts bare branches etc.



- Autumn Leaves are falling down                  - Little Owl, Little Owl

- Mr Bear, Mr Bear                                           - Goldilocks Rhyme

- Five Little Leaves                                          - Harry the Hedgehog

- Flutter, Flutter Little Bat                                - More Nursery Rhymes


Your Songs and Rhymes sheet will be in your child’s Library Bag at the start of each month – please remember to practice them every night!



Thank you all for making such an effort to dress the children for the party and thank you to the parents who brought some treats in for the children to share – we all had a lovely day and the children were excellent!



Our theme is all about Autumn this month. We will encourage the children to notice changes to the trees and they will also learn about the environments of Owls, Hedgehogs and Squirrels. Children learn so much from their environment so be sure to talk to them about the trees and leaves on your way to school



As you will have already noticed on the ‘monthly planner’ on the Parents’ Notice Board, we will focus on ‘leaf’ and ‘circle’ shapes this month.  The children will gather and sort leaves according to shape and size.  You should see this reflected in art activities that are prepared for the children. You wil find some more ideas to help with maths on your new Language sheet



The Extended Schools programme will begin on Monday 10th November. You have all been given timetables so please keep them handy. Mrs Aislinn Hodgett and Mrs Tara Mc Kenna will run the breakfast club and Mrs Hodgett and Miss Patricia Fullerton will run the Extended day. Remember, the extended hours are offered two days per week, are flexible and children can be collected any time before 2.30 p.m.  If you are also collecting a child from St John’s Primary School, please come for your Nursery child first. The Extended day will be ‘action-packed’ so it is really important that your child is in bed early so he/she is well rested for the next school day.



Please make sure your Meg and Mog sheet has been returned as we need them for next year. You will find a new sheet in your child’s library bag each month.


Sick Children

Children should NOT be brought to school if they are sick, on antibiotics or have been up all night coughing or vomiting. As an adult you would not be able to go to work if you were sick or got no sleep. This is school – not child-minding – so please keep your child at home so that he/she can rest and recover. Thank you to the parents who have been doing this already.



It was lovely to get a chance to talk to all our parents and to get such positive comments from you all. I hope you found this positive experience also, and remember you can talk to us at any time if you have any worries or concerns.



Our first visit will be to St Columb’s Park for an Autumn Walk  on Friday 7th November. Normal class times will apply.   There is always great excitement about going in the bus! The children will explore the park and then have a chance to play on the swings and slides.  We will be back in time for dinner – tired and hungry!



As the teachers have explained at the Parent/Teacher meetings, the children will now be able to enjoy outdoor play no matter what the weather is like!  Outdoor play is essential for a child’s development and part of the Nursery Curriculum. The children are learning to put on the all-in-one coats but please remember – SHOES WITH VELCRO TAPES OR BOOTS for school every day.






 Callum Mc Laughlin        1st            Dylan Doherty                 3rd


 Corey O’ Hagan             7th             Nicole O’ Kane               15th     


 Aoife Mullan                    19th         Cadán Cooley                   19th


Brayden Mc Ginley          23rd  


September/October Newsletter

                Bligh’s Lane Nursery School  


              September / October Newsletter



The Staff would like to welcome all the parents and children and wish them a very happy year in Bligh’s Lane Nursery School. 


Each month you will receive a newsletter like this one, which will inform you about school events, visitors, and the areas of the curriculum that we will focus on with the children.  It is a good idea to keep your newsletter in a prominent place as a reminder.  It will also be displayed on the Parents Notice Board (located in the Hall between the two classrooms).



Theme for the Month (September – Mid- October)

This month’s theme is ‘Getting to Know You’. We spend a lot of time this month getting to know each other – staff, children and parents.  Parents can help by talking to their child about his/her teacher’s name and that of her assistant and by giving us as much information as possible about their child so that the staff can best meet the children’s needs. 




Songs and Rhymes    


This month the children will be learning a selection of nursery rhymes and songs, some of which the children may already know.  Learning and reciting nursery rhymes is a vital step in preparation for reading, so you can help by setting some time aside each evening to repeat these with your child:                       



- Incy Wincy Spider                 - Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

- Baa, Baa, Black Sheep          - Humpty Dumpty

- Two Little Dicky Birds            - Name Song

- Hickory Dickory Dock             - The Elephant

- Hey Diddle Diddle                  - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 

(Copies of the words of the songs and rhymes will be in your child’s library bag. The children like to call this their ‘homework’!)


Settling – Procedure

We depend on parents’ support and co-operation during this month.  We would remind you that our settling in method is for the benefit of the children and that they are our main priority at all times.  The gradual increase of times ensures that the children are happy and secure, and anxious to come to school every day! It is essential that your child is collected on time at the end of each session.



School Dinners

Dinner will begin on Thursday 25th September. Some children may not be ready to stay for dinner by this date (many nurseries don’t start dinner until after Halloween) and if this is the case, your child’s teacher will discuss this with you. It is vitally important that each child is well settled before experiencing the dinner routine.   Parents need to be sure they have contacted the Board if they think they are entitled to Free Meals – the number is: 02882 411 237.  The cost for everyone else is £2.30 per day payable on a Monday (£11.50 per week). If a child is absent the dinner money will be refunded. Dinner money MUST always be brought on time in an envelope, money bag etc with the child’s name on it – CORRECT CHANGE IS ESSENTIAL - as the secretary lodges it in the bank straight away to be sent to the Board. This is important because the staff do not have time to find change for you during class times - once the children come in to the classroom we have to see to their needs                             


Snack Money

Your child’s snack money is £2.00 per week payable on a Monday – give the snack money to your child to bring in to us – they love that responsibility.  The snack money also covers the cost of school trips and parties etc. We would also use this money to contribute to the cost of flowers if there was bereavement in a child’s or member of staff’s family etc.  If you do not agree to money being used in this way please inform a member of staff. Your child will have fresh milk, tea and breakfast (a choice of toast, fruit, yoghurt, cereal, eggs etc.), daily. Please let us know if you think your child has any food allergies                                                                                                                        


Library Bags

You will not normally be asked to pay for lots of things in this school, but we do need you to pay for your child’s Library Bag which will be yours to keep at the end of the year. Each child will be able to choose a school library book to take home every week – again, to encourage the development of reading skills.  We have ordered special waterproof bags for the children to carry their library book to and from school.  The cost of this bag is £2.00 payable by the end of the month please.                                                            




Please read the following carefully:              


Contact Numbers      

It is essential that staff have contact numbers for all parents in case of an emergency.

We require three telephone numbers for all children. Mobile phones should never be turned off during the day if your child is at nursery. You must inform us immediately if you change any of your telephone numbers.


Colour Groups

We operate a ‘Colour Group System’ in the school.  Each class is divided in half randomly, for ease of organisation.  When the children will soon receive new name badges in the colour of their group (their library bags will also be this colour). 



Security System

We have had a security system installed for your child’s protection and for disabled access.  The inside door will be open 15 minutes before the beginning, and before the end of each session.  When arriving at the school the outside door will open automatically outwards as you approach it and will close behind you. You will have to press the button located beside the inside door to gain access – there are monitors in each classroom to enable the staff to admit you to the school.  Please only press the button ONCE, and allow time for the staff to answer and admit you.


Block Play Area

The area outside the two classrooms is called the Block Play Area.  All the children will use this area daily during the year, but only when parents have gone and the security system is switched on.  It is dangerous for the children to play with the toys in this area BEFORE class starts – this will be explained to the children, so please do not allow them to play with the toys along the floor.  There will be books and jigsaws available for you to share with your child while you wait. 


Parents’ Library

We have also purchased some books about child development and health for parents to borrow.  The value of reading is strongly emphasised in this nursery, therefore it is important for you not only to read to your child every day, but for him/her to see you reading regularly.  Please feel free to borrow these books and let us know what you think of them! The books are located near the children’s sofa and chairs in the hall.



Child Protection

Child Protection information for Parents has also been displayed in the hall near the children’s sofa and chairs. It is very important that you read all of this information.


Safety in the Car Park – Reminders.                                                   

Please remember to hold your child’s hand when entering and leaving the school grounds – in case a vehicle should enter the car park.  The staff will explain this to the children and will also explain that they must never climb on to the wall to walk along itParents’ cars / taxis are not permitted to drive into the car park.


Summer and September Birthdays                                                                                            


Happy Birthday to:                          


JULY                Kadie Fullerton: 6th              Tyisha Gbadamosi: 8th

BIRTHDAYS      Eoghan Mc Givern: 9th          Cayden Boyle: 14th       

                       Jayden Mc Glynn: 15th          Cai Mc Glynn 15th

                       Kenzie Bamford: 16th            Sophie Mc Allister: 23rd



AUGUST           Ava Mc Laughlin: 8th               Kayleb Robinson: 13th

BIRTHDAYS      Ellie Smith: 21st                       Ethan Mc Daid: 31st



SEPTEMBER       Jessica Gilmour: 8th               Eabha Concannon: 30th





Each child will have his/her Birthday celebrated in school with a small cake which is shared with the children in the class.









June 2014 Newsletter

Bligh’s Lane Nursery School

June 2014 Newsletter


Monthly Theme

Oh No! Our last Newsletter!!!! The theme for this month is ‘Summer / Beach’.  The children can bring anything ‘beach related’ for our Interest table as it will help to develop new vocabulary. We will also be learning about pirates – so if you have anything at home related to pirates, please bring it in to school.


Songs and Rhymes 

- Lets all go to the Seaside          - The Sun

- I See Sea Shells                         - Wiggle My Toes

- One, Two, Three, Four, Five       - The Crab

- Row, Row, Row, your boat         - One-Eyed Jack

- The Big Ship Sails                       - A Sailor went to Sea, sea, sea



Science and Mathematics

The children will be learning about sea-life creatures and their environment and this will also include observing patterns.  We will be investigating the effects of water on different materials and substances e.g. sand, flour, sugar, coffee, etc.  The children will also be exploring the shapes, textures and patterns of different types of shells and stones.


The World Around Us

We will be talking about ‘treasure maps’, learning how to draw a ‘map’, about who would use them; about ‘Islands’, what they look like, what you would find on them and what shape they would be etc.


Sports Day

We had a great day on Sports Day and we want to thank all of you for the contributions you made to the ‘shop’ and ‘cafe’ and for the amount you have raised for school funds. Thank you all so much for your generosity. If anyone still has sponsor money to bring in, please do so as soon as possible so that we can let everyone know about the final total. Also, thanks to all the parents who were able to take part in the races – this meant so much to the children.                              

Come Dine with Me / Come Play with Me!

Don’t forget that you can spend a day in the classroom with your child or come in and have dinner with us. Speak to your child’s teacher if you are interested!


Speech Therapist

Many thanks to the speech therapist, Claire Donnelly, who has worked in the school since January this year, she has made a huge contribution to the development of the children’s speech and language.


 Extended School

The last day of the Extended Schools Programme will be Wednesday 11th June. The Extended Schools Leader Mrs Aislinn Hodgett and assistant Leader Miss Patricia Fullerton have done a great job this year ensuring that all the children were safe and happy. Our thanks also to the programme facilitators: Miss Doreen and Miss Stephanie (Jo Jingles and Keep Fit), Mary (Yoga), and Ann (Gymnastics). If there are no objections we will buy them all a little gift on your behalf. Also thanks to Surestart Edenballymore for their support in funding the staff for this programme. We know from your comments that you have appreciated all they have done, and the children have enjoyed it immensely.


Transition Forms 

The teaching staff are currently working on the information that is to be passed on to Year 1 teachers. It will consist of an assessment of each child’s Language level and a description of progression in the other curricular areas. You will be asked to read and sign this information and the teaching staff will be available should you wish to discuss its contents.




Thanks also to our student this year, Christina Mc Carron, who worked in Mrs O’ Doherty’s class. She has been excellent in supporting both children and staff.



Preparation for Primary School

The staff will concentrate on discussing the transition from Nursery to Primary School this month e.g. new teacher/friends/classroom/canteen/uniform etc. The children will start using ‘trays’ at dinner time this month to help them prepare for the canteen at primary school. The majority of the children in the school transfer to St John’s Primary School and so the parents of these children will invited to bring their child to a ‘Stay and Play’ session so that children will begin to get used to their new environment and staff. Please ensure that you attend as it is essential for a successful transition to Primary school. We have also arranged the following for the children transferring to St John’s:


-A visit to St John’s to participate in a Music and Movement Activity on Monday 2nd June: The children will be taken over in their ‘new class groups’ for a 30 minute session beginning at 9.30am

-The Year 1 teachers will come to the nursery and play in the classrooms with their ‘new classes’ on Tuesday 3rd and Wed 4th June

The teaching staff will also contact the teachers of the children who are transferring to different primary schools and pass information on to them.



This can be a very stressful and emotional time for some children as they begin to realise that a change is coming. Even though we talk about primary school in a positive way, some children become unsettled in the last few weeks of term. They either cannot understand the fact that they will not come back to nursery or they think that their nursery teacher will be in primary school when they arrive in September. Please remember to be sensitive to any changes to your child’s behaviour in the next few weeks and let us know if you notice any signs of anxiety.


Health and Safety (Child Protection)

Please make sure that you have applied sun cream to your child before school on hot days as we spend most of the day outdoors. We have told the children that they need to wear sun cream to school so you shouldn’t have a problem getting them to wear it!                 


Uniform Grants

There are uniform grants available for Primary school children this year. Please contact the Board (02882 411 496) for information if you think you might be eligible.


Recent Inspection

As you all know, our Inspection was on 12th May. The inspection went very, very well, but we are not allowed to announce the actual Grade until the report is published by the Department of Education, which could be in the middle of June. You will be able to view the entire report on the Education and Training website (the most recent reports are named on the bottom right hand side of the page) but we will let you know what grade we were awarded before the end of term. The Reporting Inspector was overwhelmed by the responses to the parents’ questionnaires: 39 questionnaires were returned (apparently this percentage is unheard of) and out of the 39, 36 parents wrote comments, some of which were long and detailed. The comments were read to Mrs Gillen and Mrs O’ Doherty. The staff would like to thank all the parents who took the time to return their questionnaires and for the fantastic comments that were written. It is very much appreciated.

The inspectors also commented on the children’s behaviour which was described as ‘exemplary’ and also on the lovely manners shown by all the children.


Banyan Theatre Puppet Show

This company entertained the children before with the Goldilocks story, they will return again on Tuesday 17th June with ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’


End of Term

The last day of school will be Wednesday 25th June. There will be a Leaving Party for the children and they will be entertained by ‘Parky’ the magician (he’s very good!).  All the children should be collected at 11.30am. If you are going on holiday before this please let us know.


Birthdays this Month

Michael Mc Laughlin   7th      Rhian Mullan     11th                 



Spare Clothes

If you have any tops, bottoms, pants or socks that are too small for your child now, please bring them in to us so we can use them to change children next year if necessary.


Good Bye Everyone!!!!

On behalf of the staff and Governors, I would like to thank you for being such wonderful parents this year. We have really enjoyed getting to know you and your children and you have always been so supportive, complimentary and appreciative of what we aim to do. Thank you also for all your positive written feedback in the Parents’ comments books each week. Your children have been a pleasure to work with and I hope we have taught them that school is fun and learning is exciting. It is hard to believe we have reached the end of another school year. We will miss you all so much. Please bring your child to visit us in September so we can see him/her in his/her school uniform and give him/her a big hug!! We wish you and your child all the best for starting Primary School and we look forward to seeing some of you again with younger sisters and brothers!! Have a lovely Summer and keep safe.


Mrs M Gillen                            

And the staff.          


Easter Newsletter 2014

Bligh’s Lane Nursery School

Easter Newsletter    


Monthly Theme

The theme for this month is ‘Easter’. Please let your child bring something Easter related for the Easter Table.  We will focus on the ‘Oval’ shape and ‘Pattern Awareness’ (Stripes, zigzags and wavy lines) this month through discussion and art activities.               


Songs and Rhymes       

Little Peter Rabbit                 Humpty Dumpty

Little Rabbit Foo Foo                                Chook, Chook, Chook

Five Fat Sausages                                    Five shiny Eggs        

Hickety Pickety                                        3 Sticky Lollipops

5 Little Rabbits                  Ride a Cock Horse

One Potato                                              5 Little Ducks



Early Experiences in Science

The children will be doing some cookery this month – they will be investigating the effect of heat on eggs, and will be making scrambled eggs and egg sandwiches.  When the sandwiches are made they will be learning how to cut them in half and into squares and triangles.  


Mother’s Day          

We hope that every Mammy loved the special ‘Bouquet of Flowers’ made with her child’s hands print for Mother’s Day

Helping your child at home

You have now received your child’s Language Packs and they are very excited because they think it’s their homework! Please take time to write something in the ‘Comment Book’ - found inside your child’s folder - once per week – we really appreciate your views. The children can’t wait to see what ‘games’ they get each week! Here are some more ways that you can help to reinforce our topic:

  • Point out oval shapes or patterns at home or in town - if possible
  • Talk about what you are doing when you are dividing up cakes or sandwiches – use the words ‘divide’, ‘cut in half’ etc.
  • Name the shapes of the sandwiches – or ask your child what shape of sandwich / piece of bread they would like
  • Let your child help you set the table – tell them how many knives and forks you need and talk to them about Left and Right – they are already doing this in school
  • If you have time (maybe at the weekends) encourage your child to dress himself/herself – your child is at a stage where he/she wants to do things for him/herself.  This activity not only develops confidence, independence, and physical skills, but also logical thinking and sequencing skills.
  • Buy some stickers for encouraging good behaviour at home – they mean so much to your child and are a visible sign of your approval





Normally Miss Mc Gilloway dresses up as the Easter Bunny and hides eggs in the playground for the children to have an Easter Egg Hunt. Unfortunately Miss Mc Gilloway has shingles so she will be off school for at least a couple of weeks. If she is not back before Easter, the children will still have an Easter Egg Hunt but without the Easter Bunny!


The children will visit Bananas in the Bowling Alley on Wednesday 16th April  – please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately – LONG SLEEVES MUST BE WORN (to prevent friction burns) AND NO BASEBALL BOOTS PLEASE   - all children should be wearing shoes with Velcro tapes anyway.  This is our last day of school before the Easter holidays.  There will be no dinner on this day and children should be collected at the school at 11.30am. 




The school will be closed from Thursday 17th April – Monday 28th April for the Easter Holidays. 

 The children return to school for the Summer Term on Tuesday 29th April.




‘Thank you’ to all the Parents who have been able to come in and help the children with their breakfast – almost every parent in the school has helped – in some families both mum and dad have done it.  Thank you also to the parents who were able to come and have dinner with us – again some parents come more than once! We will put out a new Rota Sheet for the next few months – please sign up again!



A big ‘Thank you’ to everyone who has made this programme so successful again this year. The children have been brilliant. Take time to look at the photographs in the porch and on our website.



You might remember that Mick Conway, our gardener, has already helped the children plant Autumn Bulbs and Apple trees. He has returned to help with planting in the ‘mini allotments’ at the front of the school. The children have already planted potatoes up there and he will do some more seed planting soon. The Spring bulbs turned out really well in the playground and the children now have a good understanding of the growing process.


We will also plant kidney beans in clear plastic cups so that the children can see the roots and shoots more clearly. Please bring an EMPTY EGG SHELL into school as soon as possible so that we can plant cress seeds in them.




Faye Doherty         1st                Oisin Frazer                  2nd            Darragh Moore        6th


Kian Harkin            11th              Christopher Shields      11th                


Katie Molly Mc Gowan     14th    Darryl Meenan               16th          Shane Meenan           16th


Ava Mc Devitt       19th              Cara Henry                    30th