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Halloween Newsletter

 Monthly Theme

The theme for the rest of the month of October is ‘Halloween’ – beginning Wednesday 11th October.  We will have a Halloween Table in each classroom, so please help your child to bring something Halloween related in from home.  (All items will be returned at the end of the month)

 Please note – There will be a lot of art activities using black paint this month, and the dough and water will also be black – hopefully the dark coloured jumpers will hide any stains!

 Songs and Rhymes


Halloween is Coming                 Five Currant Buns


The Witches of Halloween         The Wheels on the Bus


Pumpkin Song                          Little Miss Muffet


Spooky Rhyme                         More Nursery Rhymes

 (Remember, words to the above songs and rhymes will be in your child’s library bag for you to practice every night)

 Dinner Routine

The majority of the children are coping well with the dinner routine and are willing to try food that they may not have had before. You can help by ensuring that your child sits at the table at home at meal times and uses a fork to feed him/herself. They are not expected to be able to cut food, but they can learn with our help.  Two children help the staff to serve out the dinner each day – these are the ‘Helpers’ – a very important and sought-after job! The names of the Helpers will be displayed on the classroom windows so that you will know when it is your child’s turn.  Please point your child’s name out in the morning – this is another way that children learn to recognise their own names and the names of their friends.

 Language Development

The Halloween Theme will provide an opportunity for the staff to extend the children’s language – for example, the Water Tray becomes ‘a witch’s cauldron’ and we talk about all the types of creatures that a witch would put into it.  This is all done in a fun way so that children will not be frightened.  Some of the Key words that the children will be learning are: Witch; wizard; cauldron; spooky; pumpkin; skeleton; ghost; bat; spider; web; cloak; fireworks; black cat; broomstick; spell; crescent moon and abracadabra! Take Time to talk about our Halloween decorations and the children’s art work. As you will have noticed from the display in the hall the Story of the Month is ‘Meg and Mog’.  Each child will have a turn to receive the story book – again read this story to your child every night. You will also get a laminated newsletter with ideas to help to get more out of the story.

Parents from both classes will soon be able to come to Mrs Woods’ class to watch daily story sessions and to Mrs O’Doherty’s class to see song and rhyme sessions. However, we will wait until the children are a bit more settled.

 Getting Ready to Learn

The school has been very fortunate to receive money from the Department of Education to fund some parent engagement projects. We will launch two themes in early November- ‘Education Works in Pre-School’ and is ‘The Big Bedtime Read.’

Education Works in Pre-School: The aim of this theme is to support parents in being able to help their child’s development at home. We will run information sessions, workshops and send home packs and resources which can be used with your child at home. We will begin with a session on the 7th November at 9am taken by our Speech Therapist, Laura Rabett. I urge as many of you as possible to attend as we are noticing many children’s speech and language development is not at age related expectations. I will send an invitation and reply slip closer to the time.

Big Bedtime Read: The aim of the project is to support parents in sharing books with their children at home which has been proven to improve reading outcomes for children in their futures. We will run parent information sessions, demonstrations and provide you with packs of books you can borrow to read to your child. The launch session for Mrs Woods class will be at 1.30pm on the 13th November and for Mrs O’Doherty’s class at 1.30pm on the 20th November.  Both sessions coincide with when your children will be at extended school sessions. I really look forward to your participation and making the sessions as enjoyable and beneficial as possible.


If your child cannot put on his/her own coat yet please practise this at home.

The weather is getting colder so make sure your child has a coat everyday – we only use the school coats when it’s really wet.

 Halloween Party 

There will be a Fancy Dress Party for each class on Wednesday 25th   October.  Usual Class times will apply. All the children should come to school in fancy dress and the staff will dress up too.  Some children don’t like dressing up – if this happens you should bring the child’s costume with you – when they see everyone else dressed up they might put the costume on.

 Parent / Teacher Meetings

There will be two opportunities for you to meet with your child’s teacher this year – October and February. You will also receive a report in June before your child’s transition to Primary school.  The October meeting will inform you of how your child is settling in and will give you an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have.  We aim to see every parent before Halloween.  Mrs Woods and Mrs O’ Doherty will arrange the times of these meetings with their parents.  (Please remember that you can arrange to talk to your child’s teacher at any time during the year should the need arise.)

 Principals’ Meetings

Mrs Woods may have to attend various meetings during the year, but there will be a teacher employed to cover for her.  The children will always be told when this will happen.

 Halloween Holidays

The school will be closed to the children on Thursday 26th October and will re-open on Thursday 2nd November.

 Staff Training Day

The school will be closed to pupils on the 27th November as we will be having a staff training day. It will re-open on the 28th November as normal.

 Extended School

The Extended school programme will start on Monday 6th November. Mrs Woods and Mrs O’ Doherty will explain how this will work to all parents at the parent/teacher meetings. This programme has been running successfully in the school for quite a few years now. Parents must remember that it may not suit all children to stay longer in school. The most important thing is that the children are happy from 8.45am - 1.15pm, and parents should accept the advice of the class teacher on this issue. You will find the programme on the back of this Newsletter.

 October Birthdays

Birthday photographs will be displayed in the hall and the photo given to the child’s parents at the end of each month.


     Teagan Murray          2nd


     Eimear Harkin            19th


     Thomas Myers            21st


     Caoilfhionn Deery      30th      














6,7 NOV





13,14 NOV





20,21 NOV





27,28 NOV










8,9 JAN





15,16 JAN





22,23 JAN





29,30 JAN





5,6 FEB





12,13 FEB





26 FEB, 27 FEB





5,6 MAR





12,13 MAR





26,27 MAR





Room 1- Mrs Woods                        Room 2- Mrs O’Doherty




Bligh’s Lane Nursery School


September / October







The Staff would like to welcome all the parents and children and wish them a very happy year in Bligh’s Lane Nursery School. 

Each month you will receive a newsletter like this one, which will inform you about school events, visitors, and the areas of the curriculum that we will focus on with the children.  It is a good idea to keep your newsletter in a prominent place as a reminder.  It will also be displayed on the Parents Notice Board (located in the Entrance Hall).


Meet the Staff…

Mrs Woods’s Classroom:                            

Mrs Meehan: Nursery Assistant                  

Miss Henry: Nursery/ Classroom Assistant  

Mrs Walsh: Special Needs Assistant           

 Mrs O’ Doherty’s Classroom:

Miss McGilloway: Nursery Assistant

Miss Cooke: Language Support Assistant

 Miss Coyle: Special Needs Assistant


Miss Cooke: Breakfast Club Assistant and Extended Schools Assistant

Mrs Harkin: Dining Attendant

Mrs Mc Cready: Secretary

Mrs Doherty: Caretaker / Cleaner                                                                        



Theme for the Month (September – Mid- October)

This month’s theme is ‘Getting to Know You’. We spend a lot of time this month getting to know each other – staff, children and parents.  Parents can help by talking to their child about his/her teacher’s name and that of her assistant and by giving us as much information as possible about their child so that we can best meet the children’s needs. 



Settling – Procedure

We depend on parents’ support and co-operation during this month.  We would remind you that our settling in method is for the benefit of the children and that they are our main priority at all times. 

The gradual increase of times ensures that the children are happy and secure, and eager to come to school every day! We are aiming for all the children to come together on Thursday 21st September- Amalgamation Day! They will all start at 8.45am and finish at 12noon on that day. I will confirm this date closer to the time. It is essential that your child is collected on time at the end of each session.









Songs and Rhymes     


This month the children will be learning a selection of nursery rhymes and songs, some of which they may already know.  Learning and reciting nursery rhymes is a vital step in preparation for reading, so you can help by setting some time aside each evening to repeat these with your child:                                    



- Incy Wincy Spider                            - Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

- Baa, Baa, Black Sheep                      - Humpty Dumpty

- Two Little Dicky Birds                       - Name Song

- Hickory Dickory Dock                        - The Elephant

- Hey Diddle Diddle                       - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


(Copies of the words of the songs and rhymes will be in your child’s library bag. The children like to call this their ‘homework’!)



School Dinners

Dinner will begin on Thursday 28th September. Some children may not be ready to stay for dinner by this date (many nurseries don’t start dinner until after Halloween) and if this is the case, your child’s teacher will discuss this with you. It is vitally important that each child is well settled before experiencing the dinner routine.   Parents need to be sure they have contacted the Education Authority (EA) if they think they are entitled to Free Meals – the number is: 02882 411 237.  The cost for everyone else is £2.50 per day payable on a Monday (£12.50 per week but this may increase in October). If a child is absent the dinner money will be refunded. Dinner money MUST always be brought on time in an envelope, money bag etc with the child’s name on it – CORRECT CHANGE IS ESSENTIAL - as the secretary lodges it in the bank straight away to be sent to the EA. This is important because the staff do not have time to find change for you during class times - once the children come in to the classroom we have to see to their needs.                                    


Snack Money

Your child’s snack money is £2.00 per week payable on a Monday – give the snack money to your child to bring in to us – they love that responsibility.  The snack money also covers the cost of school trips and parties etc. We would also use this money to contribute to the cost of flowers if there was bereavement in a child’s or member of staff’s family etc.  If you do not agree to money being used in this way please inform a member of staff. Your child will have fresh milk, water and a selection of breakfast foods (a choice of toast, fruit, yoghurt, cereal, eggs etc.), daily. Please let us know your child has any food allergies.                                                                                           




Library Bags                                                                                             

You will not normally be asked to pay for lots of things in this school, but we do need you to pay for your child’s Library Bag which will be yours to keep at the end of the year. Each child will be able to choose a school library book to take home every week – again, to encourage the development of reading skills.  We have ordered special waterproof bags for the children to carry their library book to and from school.  The cost of this bag is £2.00 payable by the end of the month please.  

We will hold a short meeting to go through our ‘Story of the Month’ and book borrowing procedures on the Tuesday 12th September at 10.30am for 1st session children and 1.00pm for 2nd session children. We would be grateful if you, or a representative, could attend.                                                          



We ask that all parents donate a box of tissues every term. As you can imagine, we use lots of tissues especially during the winter and would be grateful for your cooperation with this request.


Health and Safety

When children come together for the first time no matter how hard we try “bugs” start emerging and often we have bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea. If your child has been sick at home you must not bring him/her into school for at least 24 hours after the last episode, otherwise the infection will spread to other children and maybe even the staff.  If your child has not slept overnight it is unfair to bring them into school – even if they say they want to – as he/she will not be able to cope with a busy nursery day without adequate sleep. If your child is sick in school we will ring you to come and collect him/her.

Last year we had a couple of incidents of hair infection and therefore it is important that you check your child’s hair on a weekly basis – remember head lice are attracted to clean hair. Long hair should always be tied back.


Please read the following carefully:                       


Contact Numbers        

It is essential that staff have contact numbers for all parents in case of an emergency.

We require three telephone numbers for all children. Mobile phones should never be turned off during the day if your child is at nursery. You must inform us immediately if you change any of your telephone numbers.


Colour Groups

We operate a ‘Colour Group System’ in the school.  Each class is divided in half randomly, for ease of organisation.  When the children will soon receive new name badges in the colour of their group (their library bags will also be this colour). 


Security System

We have had a security system installed for your child’s protection and for disabled access.  The inside door will be open 5 minutes before the beginning, and before the end of each session.  When arriving at the school  you should press the button located beside the main door to gain access to the inside hallway.  Staff will the open the security door before the session begins.



Block Play Area

The area outside the two classrooms is called the Block Play Area.  All the children will use this area daily during the year, but only when parents have gone and the security system is switched on.  It is dangerous for the children to play with the toys in this area BEFORE class starts – this will be explained to the children, so please do not allow them to play with the toys along the floor.  There will be books and jigsaws available for you to share with your child while you wait. 


Parents’ Library

We have also purchased some books about child development and health for parents to borrow.  The value of reading is strongly emphasised in this nursery, therefore it is important for you not only to read to your child every day, but for him/her to see you reading regularly.  Please feel free to borrow these books and let us know what you think of them! The books are located under the parent noticeboard in the hall.


Child Protection

Child Protection information for Parents has also been displayed in the hall near the children’s sofa and chairs. It is very important that you read all of this information.


Safety in the Car Park – Reminders.                                                   

Please remember to hold your child’s hand when entering and leaving the school grounds – in case a vehicle should enter the car park.  The staff will explain this to the children and will also explain that they must never climb on to the wall to walk along it.  Parents’ cars / taxis are not permitted to drive into the car park.


Summer and September Birthdays                                                                                                                            


JULY BIRTHDAYS:  Mila Jones:2nd            Lily McColgan: 4th

                      Hannah Campbell: 6th      Riley Quigley: 8th

                  Emily Crossan: 8th                  Riona McClenaghan: 14th                                                                                Sophie Frazer: 17th              Lucy McDaid: 18th                                   


AUGUST BIRTHDAYS: Erin Dunne : 6th           Áedán Killen: 9th  

                               Danann Deeney: 18th    Sophia Logue-Carr: 21st                  


SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS: Jessica Dillon: 3rd      Miya Hammett 4th

                                      Jude Rodgers: 5th      Zac McIntyre: 20th

                                      Odhrán Mellon: 22nd                                                      


Each child will have his/her Birthday celebrated in school with a small cake which is shared with the children in the class.





Bligh’s Lane Nursery School

        June Newsletter


Monthly Theme

The theme for this month is ‘Summer / Beach’.  The children can bring anything ‘beach related’ for our Interest table as it will help to develop new vocabulary. We will also be learning about pirates – so if you have anything at home related to pirates, please bring it in to school.


Songs and Rhymes 

- Lets all go to the Seaside              - The Sun

- I See Sea Shells                            - Wiggle My Toes

- One, Two, Three, Four, Five            - The Crab

- Row, Row, Row, your boat              - One-Eyed Jack

- The Big Ship Sails                          - A Sailor went to Sea, sea, sea


Science and Mathematics

The children will be learning about sea-life creatures and their environment and this will also include observing patterns.  We will be investigating the effects of water on different materials and substances e.g. sand, flour, sugar, coffee, etc.  The children will also be exploring the shapes, textures and patterns of different types of shells and stones.


The World Around Us

We will be talking about ‘treasure maps’, learning how to draw a ‘map’, about who would use them; about ‘Islands’, what they look like, what you would find on them and what shape they would be etc.


Sports Day                                                                          

We had a great day on Sports Day and we want to thank all of you for the contributions you made to the ‘shop’ and ‘cafe’ and for the amount you have raised for school funds. Thank you all so much for your generosity. So far we have raised over £1,200! If anyone still has sponsor money to bring in, please do so as soon as possible so that we can let everyone know about the final total. Also, thanks to all the parents who were able to take part in the races – this meant so much to the children.



Come Dine with Me / Come Play with Me! (Your last chance!)

Don’t forget that you can still spend a day in the classroom with your child or come in and have dinner with us. Speak to your child’s teacher if you are interested! We are starting to use dinner trays in school from this week onwards at dinner time instead of plates in preparation for eating in the canteen in Primary school.


Extended Schools

The last day of the Extended Schools Programme will be Tuesday 20th  June. Miss Patricia Fullerton and Miss Stephanie Cooke have done a great job this year ensuring that all the children were safe and happy. Our thanks also to the programme facilitators: Miss Stephanie (Jo Jingles and Keep Fit), Mary (Yoga), Laura (Gymnastics) and Stephen from Maiden City Soccer Academy. If there are no objections we will buy them all a little gift on your behalf. We know from your comments that you have appreciated all they have done, and the children have enjoyed it immensely.                                                                                                             


Transition Forms 

The teaching staff are currently working on the information that is to be passed on to Year 1 teachers. It will consist of an assessment of each child’s Language level and a description of progression in the other curricular areas. You will be invited to read and sign this information and the teaching staff will be available should you wish to discuss its contents.



Preparation for Primary School

The staff will concentrate on discussing the transition from Nursery to Primary School this month e.g. new teacher, friends, classroom, canteen, uniform etc. The children will start using ‘trays’ at dinner time to help them prepare for the canteen at primary school. The majority of the children in the school transfer to St John’s Primary School and so the parents of these children will be invited to bring their child to a ‘Stay and Play’ session so that children will begin to get used to their new environment and staff. Please ensure that you attend as it is essential for a successful transition to Primary school.


The teaching staff will also contact the teachers of the children who are transferring to different primary schools and pass information on to them.



This can be a very stressful and emotional time for some children as they begin to realise that a change is coming. Even though we talk about primary school in a positive way, some children become unsettled in the last few weeks of term. They either cannot understand the fact that they will not come back to nursery or they think that their nursery teacher will be in primary school when they arrive in September. Please remember to be sensitive to any changes to your child’s behaviour in the next few weeks and let us know if you notice any signs of anxiety.



Health and Safety (Child Protection)

Please make sure that you have applied sun cream to your child before school on hot days (if we get any!)as we spend most of the day outdoors. We have told the children that they need to wear sun cream to school so you shouldn’t have a problem getting them to wear it!


Uniform Grants

There are uniform grants available for Primary school children this year. Please contact the EA (02882 411 496) for information if you think you might be eligible.


Spare Clothes

If you have any tops, bottoms, pants or socks that are too small for your child now, please bring them in to us so we can use them to change children next year if necessary.


End of year celebrations

During the month of June we hope to visit the beach as part of our topic. We will probably book this ‘last minute’ when we are sure of the weather. We also hope to have good weather so that we can hire a bouncy castle for a day and so that we can ask an ice-cream van to come to visit. Here’s hoping the weather is good!



End of Term

The last day of school will be Wednesday 28th June. There will be a Leaving Party for the children and they will be entertained by ‘Parky’ the magician.  All the children should be collected at 11.30am. If you are going on holiday before this please let us know.


Birthdays this Month


Sophie Gillespie  20th         Jack Luby         28th       


Isaac Devine      25th         Zara McLaughlin   1st July                    



A Fond Farewell


On behalf of the staff and Governors, I would like to thank you for being such wonderful parents this year. We have really enjoyed getting to know you and your children and you have always been so supportive, complimentary and appreciative of what we aim to do. Thank you also for all your positive written feedback in the Parents’ comments books each week and your attendance at our parent workshops. Your children have been a pleasure to work with and I hope we have taught them that school is fun and that learning is exciting. It is hard to believe we have reached the end of another school year, the last day is always a sad one for us as we will miss you all so much.

Please bring your child to visit the staff in September so we can see him/her in his/her school uniform.  We wish you and your child all the best for starting Primary School. Have a lovely Summer and keep safe.


Mrs Woods and the staff.                                            



The time has come to say goodbye

Our time together is done

We sang, we read, we learned so much

Remember all the fun.


We saw the smile grow on your face

When you tackled something new,

We watched as your eyes lit up

Our eyes they glistened too.


We know you have hard work ahead

With challenges all new

All that we’ve learned together this year,

Will see you through and through.


We wish you well, we cherish you

 As you walk out the door today,

But know for certain wherever you go

You’re in our hearts to stay.






Bligh’s Lane Nursery School 




May Newsletter 2017

Monthly Theme                                                                   

The theme for this month will be Summer Gardens / Mini beasts.  The children will be learning about the parts of a flower (root, stem, petal and leaves) and about common mini beasts such as ladybirds, snails, butterflies, bees, worms, slugs etc. If you find any snails or worms in your garden please bring them in so that the children can see them.  There will be a ‘Camping theme going on with barbeques (not real ones!), tents and sleeping bags in the classrooms, and there will also be a Cafe role play area. All of these activities help to extend children’s language, creativity and understanding of the world around them.                                                      

Songs and Rhymes

Little Arabella Millar                    5 Little Monkeys

What do you suppose?               Here is the Bee Hive

Wiggly Woo                                Mini Beast Rhyme                 

Round and Round the Garden     I’m Taking Home a Baby Bumble Bee


Early Mathematical Experiences

We will be reinforcing the ‘Rectangle’ shape this month – children generally find this shape the hardest to learn, so you can help by pointing out rectangle shapes to your child whenever you see them.  We will also continue to look at patterns in the environment and the shapes of mini beasts and flowers.                   


Reading and Writing

The children are all very interested in reading story books and many of them can be seen in the classroom reading stories to each other in their own words.  This is the best kind of practice for ‘real reading’.  Continue to read to your child at home, borrow from our lending library and find time to visit the Library.  Many children are already writing their own names – this is not a necessity, as the Year One teachers prefer to teach the children the proper letter formation techniques themselves.  But we would never discourage a child who wants to write. Often adults show children how to write their names using capital letters – please do not do this – only use a capital letter at the start of your child’s name. Children who learn to write their name in capital letters only find it very difficult to ‘forget’ this and learn how to do it the correct way ie. Eimear not EIMEAR



Please remember to bring back your child’s homework pack every Monday as we need to check the contents and replace them. Please ensure that the LIBRARY BOOK and ACTIVITY PACK are both in the Library Bag!


Story Of The Month

Our story this month links closely to our theme. It’s the story of ‘The Very Greedy Bee’. The story covers the theme of friendship and sharing as well as mini-beasts.


Getting Ready to Learn

We will launch our third theme, Happy Healthy Kids during May. This theme aims to help parents understand the factors which will promote healthy lifestyles in their children. It will include tips on making your child more active, healthy eating for children and a demonstration fitness lesson by our football coach. The parents from Mrs Woods’ class are invited to attend the session on the 15th May at 1.15pm (children will be at extended schools) and Mrs O’Doherty’s parents on 22nd May at 1.15pm.


  • The Bowling Alley- The children had a great time and many overcame their initial fear of the big slide 
  • Shooting Starz

We are all going to Shooting Starz in Campsie which is run by Ann and Laura, our Gymnastics teachers, on Friday 19th  May. There are lots of exciting activities there for the children including a Trampoline – Ann has asked us to check if every parent consents to their child using the trampoline so we will be asking you about this.


Transition Programme

Over the next few weeks we will begin to get your child ready to transition to Primary school. This will include visits from their new teachers and visits to their new school. All of this will help your child to settle quickly into P1 as it is a huge step for all the children and needs to be managed really carefully. As the large majority of our children transfer to St John’s we work closely with them. They will be in contact with all parents with dates for meetings etc. If your child is not going to St John’s we will contact the Primary school in question and communicate with the P1 teachers there.


Parent Forum

All parents will be asked to fill out an ‘exit questionnaire’ which will allow you to tell us what you think about various aspects of school life over the past year. However, Mrs Woods would also like to meet with a small group of parents for a more in-depth chat and to hear some of your ideas about how we could improve our provision even further. This will involve a couple of short sessions (no more than an hour) in June. If this is something you could help with please speak to Mrs Woods.


Sports Day!

Our annual Sports Day will be held on Friday 26th May this year, so you will receive a separate information sheet and Sponsor Form in the next few weeks  This is a very special family event, which helps to raise funds for the school.  It is essential that each child is accompanied by an adult on this day as the staff will be involved in organising the races and cannot be responsible for the safety of the children as well.  Parents also actively participate in the races – so start training now!!!!  The money raised last year was put into the school fund account and is being spent on your children this year for example: buying food for parties, cereal, bread, pancakes, yogurt, eggs etc  for breakfast and snack; the children’s present from Santa; Easter Eggs; Theatre visits; Birthday Cards and Cakes; Sweets for ‘Sweet Day’ (every Friday) etc. So the money you raise this year will be spent on next year’s children so please ask everyone you can to make a small contribution.  Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles are also very welcome! Sports Day will be held in the Long Tower Youth Centre (in the Derry City Football Grounds) from 9.50am – 12.00 noon approx.



Please remember that if you are buying new shoes for your child that they should have Velcro straps if your child is to wear them in school


The school will be closed on  Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th  May for the bank holiday.

Birthdays this Month

 Leanbh Harkin    5th               Megan-Rose Shields    24th


Rían McCalliion-Mackey 6th        Ollie McCallion            24th


Brannágh Mellon   15th              Sienna Gilespie         30th


Sophia McCauley  23rd                                            




Bligh’s Lane Nursery School


Easter Newsletter

Monthly Theme

The theme for this month is ‘Easter’. Please let your child bring something Easter related for the Easter Table.  We will focus on the ‘Oval’ shape and ‘Pattern Awareness’ (Stripes, zigzags and wavy lines) this month through discussion and art activities.                 


Songs and Rhymes       


Little Peter Rabbit          Humpty Dumpty

Little Rabbit Foo Foo               Chook, Chook, Chook

 Five Fat Sausages                Five Shiny Eggs         

   Hickety Pickety               3 Sticky Lollipops

 5 Little Rabbits          Ride a Cock Horse

 One Potato  

5 Little Ducks                                                                                                      

GRtL- Education Works in Pre-School: Helping your child at home

Here are some more ways that you can help to reinforce our topic and also ways to encourage good behaviour at home:

  • Point out oval shapes or patterns at home or in town - if possible
  • Talk about what you are doing when you are dividing up cakes or sandwiches – use the words ‘divide’, ‘cut in half’ etc.
  • Name the shapes of the sandwiches – or ask your child what shape of sandwich / piece of bread they would like
  • Let your child help you set the table – tell them how many knives and forks you need and talk to them about Left and Right – they are already doing this in school
  • If you have time (maybe at the weekends) encourage your child to dress himself/herself – your child is at a stage where he/she wants to do things for him/herself.  This activity not only develops confidence, independence, and physical skills, but also logical thinking and sequencing skills.
  • Buy some stickers for encouraging good behaviour at home – they mean so much to your child and are a visible sign of your approval



The Easter Bunny will hide some Easter Eggs in the playground before Easter – usually during the last week before the Easter holidays. The children will then have and Easter Egg hunt (only one Egg each unfortunately!)


The children will visit Bananas in the Bowling Alley on Wednesday 12th April  – please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately – LONG SLEEVES MUST BE WORN (to prevent friction burns) AND NO BASEBALL BOOTS PLEASE   - all children should be wearing shoes with Velcro tapes.  This is our last day of school before the Easter holidays.  There will be no dinner on this day and children should be collected at the school at 11.30am



The school will be closed from Thursday 13th April – Tuesday 25th April for the Easter Holidays. 



Please make sure your child is dropped off and picked up promptly. Doors open from 8.45am in the mornings and children can be collected from 1pm. In the interests of safety our external door will not open until 1 pm.



We ask that you return bookbags on a Monday from now on. Remember your child will get a book and a language pack every week (unless they have the Book of the Month). Remember also that you are welcome to come and see a story or singing session on any day.



‘Thank you’ to all the Parents who have been able to come in and help the children with their breakfast – almost every parent in the school has helped – in some families both mum and dad have done it.  Thank you also to the parents who were able to come and have dinner with us – again some parents come more than once! We will put out a new Rota Sheet for the next few months – please sign up again and perhaps come in when your child is the Helper this time! It’s a great way to see how independent your child has become and the foods they eat here that they may ‘claim’ to dislike at home!

Thank you to the parents who have already come in but we would also love more parents to sign up for ‘Come Read  with Me’. It’s a very low-key activity and only takes 10-15 minutes but your child will absolutely love that you have read to them in school.



Remember to check out our facebook page by searching for Bligh’s Lane Nursery School or visit our website at You will find news and updates as well as newsletters, photos and other useful information.



The contractors are getting on great and have asked me to once again thank you for your cooperation and patience. They are continuing to work on the inside of the new building and are still on schedule to complete by the end of May. They plan to swap the current office and staffroom during the Easter holidays. Just another few weeks of disruption before we can all enjoy our new facilities.





Mila McLaughlin      4th            Lochlann Power                  25th


Reina McFadden     14th          Lorcán Duffy              30th


Cadhla Harkin          20th        Lainey Coyle             24th                                                    




Happy Easter!