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Bligh’s Lane Nursery School


Easter Newsletter

Monthly Theme

The theme for this month is ‘Easter’. Please let your child bring something Easter related for the Easter Table.  We will focus on the ‘Oval’ shape and ‘Pattern Awareness’ (Stripes, zigzags and wavy lines) this month through discussion and art activities.                 


Songs and Rhymes       


Little Peter Rabbit          Humpty Dumpty

Little Rabbit Foo Foo               Chook, Chook, Chook

 Five Fat Sausages                Five Shiny Eggs         

   Hickety Pickety               3 Sticky Lollipops

 5 Little Rabbits          Ride a Cock Horse

 One Potato  

5 Little Ducks                                                                                                      

GRtL- Education Works in Pre-School: Helping your child at home

Here are some more ways that you can help to reinforce our topic and also ways to encourage good behaviour at home:

  • Point out oval shapes or patterns at home or in town - if possible
  • Talk about what you are doing when you are dividing up cakes or sandwiches – use the words ‘divide’, ‘cut in half’ etc.
  • Name the shapes of the sandwiches – or ask your child what shape of sandwich / piece of bread they would like
  • Let your child help you set the table – tell them how many knives and forks you need and talk to them about Left and Right – they are already doing this in school
  • If you have time (maybe at the weekends) encourage your child to dress himself/herself – your child is at a stage where he/she wants to do things for him/herself.  This activity not only develops confidence, independence, and physical skills, but also logical thinking and sequencing skills.
  • Buy some stickers for encouraging good behaviour at home – they mean so much to your child and are a visible sign of your approval



The Easter Bunny will hide some Easter Eggs in the playground before Easter – usually during the last week before the Easter holidays. The children will then have and Easter Egg hunt (only one Egg each unfortunately!)


The children will visit Bananas in the Bowling Alley on Wednesday 12th April  – please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately – LONG SLEEVES MUST BE WORN (to prevent friction burns) AND NO BASEBALL BOOTS PLEASE   - all children should be wearing shoes with Velcro tapes.  This is our last day of school before the Easter holidays.  There will be no dinner on this day and children should be collected at the school at 11.30am



The school will be closed from Thursday 13th April – Tuesday 25th April for the Easter Holidays. 



Please make sure your child is dropped off and picked up promptly. Doors open from 8.45am in the mornings and children can be collected from 1pm. In the interests of safety our external door will not open until 1 pm.



We ask that you return bookbags on a Monday from now on. Remember your child will get a book and a language pack every week (unless they have the Book of the Month). Remember also that you are welcome to come and see a story or singing session on any day.



‘Thank you’ to all the Parents who have been able to come in and help the children with their breakfast – almost every parent in the school has helped – in some families both mum and dad have done it.  Thank you also to the parents who were able to come and have dinner with us – again some parents come more than once! We will put out a new Rota Sheet for the next few months – please sign up again and perhaps come in when your child is the Helper this time! It’s a great way to see how independent your child has become and the foods they eat here that they may ‘claim’ to dislike at home!

Thank you to the parents who have already come in but we would also love more parents to sign up for ‘Come Read  with Me’. It’s a very low-key activity and only takes 10-15 minutes but your child will absolutely love that you have read to them in school.



Remember to check out our facebook page by searching for Bligh’s Lane Nursery School or visit our website at You will find news and updates as well as newsletters, photos and other useful information.



The contractors are getting on great and have asked me to once again thank you for your cooperation and patience. They are continuing to work on the inside of the new building and are still on schedule to complete by the end of May. They plan to swap the current office and staffroom during the Easter holidays. Just another few weeks of disruption before we can all enjoy our new facilities.





Mila McLaughlin      4th            Lochlann Power                  25th


Reina McFadden     14th          Lorcán Duffy              30th


Cadhla Harkin          20th        Lainey Coyle             24th                                                    




Happy Easter!






Monthly Theme                                                                     


Winter is over – hopefully! So the theme for the month of March will be ‘Spring’.   As you will know by now we continue to encourage the children to notice and describe changes in their environment – they may have seen daffodils growing in their gardens at home or in green areas in the town.  Some children have noticed that Spring flowers are growing in our planters in the playground. The children will be doing observational paintings and drawings of Spring flowers, so if you have cherry blossoms, tulips, daffodils or branches with buds on them in your garden, please bring them in for the children to see, and encourage your child to notice changes in your garden or the environment as you travel to school.


Language Development

There will be lots of discussion about the parts of flowers; bulb, seed, shoot, stem, bud, petal, leaf and flower. We will also talk about farm animals, the names of their young, where young animals come from and how they change as they grow.  We will focus especially on the Life Cycle of the Frog. The children will learn about these things through stories, lotto games, factual dvds, internet and CD ROMs.  Why not go to the library and find some books connected to this topic to share with your child or search for them on the internet? Be sure to let us know what you find!


Language and Maths Activity Packs

We will continue to provide activities for your child to take home that focus on language development and soon introduce some mathematical activities. This is another way in which you can really get involved with your child’s learning. The children who DON’T have the Special Story will get activities in their library bags for you to help them with. Don’t forget to read your Language Letter also so you can get the most out of the Special Story when your child gets it.


Building Project

You will see that our building works are well underway and the new rooms are now ‘sealed’. The builders are on schedule and have asked me to thank you for your patience and cooperation. The expected completion is the end of May so hopefully your children will get to use the new facilities in their last month.


Songs and Rhymes

Spring is the time when the magic comes        Old MacDonald

Baa Baa Black Sheep                                        Five green Bottles

I went to visit a farm one day                           Five little Speckled frogs

Flowers grow like this                                       Cows in the Kitchen

This little Piggy                                                 To Market

If I had a Donkey                                             Jack and the Beanstalk Rhyme


Environmental Science                          

Children need to ‘do’ and ‘see’ in order to understand therefore we will be planting Broad beans and Kidney beans so that the children can see the ‘roots’ growing clearly. We will also use factual books and stories to reinforce the concept of growth.  If you are doing any planting at home please let your child help – they learn so much from these activities and will be very sensible if you explain what you want them to do!

Extended Schools 

Mrs O’Doherty’s class stay for the extended school’s activities again on Monday 6thth and Tuesday 7th  March. Mrs Woods’ Class next session will be on Monday 13th March.


Getting Ready to Learn 

-       Big Bedtime Read - As a final event for the we invite you to join us at Creggan Library on the 15th March for a story session and some lunch. You will get time to explore the library with your child and to join so that you can borrow books as and when you want.

-       Come Read with Me - a sign-up sheet is available in the hall you to come and read to your child in school. It is a very low-key activity which will only take around 15 minutes. Some parents have brought their own favourites to read or you can borrow our books.

-       Ages and stages- Mrs O’Doherty will run two sessions for parents which will help you recognise the developmental milestones for children of nursery age. She will give ideas of activities to help your child achieve their milestones and offer advice if you are worried about your child’s development. The sessions will run on Monday 6th March from 1.30pm-2.15pm for Mrs O’Doherty’s parents and on Monday 13th March from 1.30pm-2.15pm for Mrs Woods’ parents.


Come Dine with Me

Remember you can still join your child for breakfast or lunch on any day. They absolutely love having a parent in to see how well they eat and their super table manners! A sign-up sheet is available in the hall.


St Patrick’s Day

There will be some Irish Dancers and musicians in the school on Wednesday 16th March to entertain the children. Don’t forget to wear your Green that day!


The school will be closed on Friday 17th and Monday 20th March


ZooLab Visit

As part of our Spring theme we have booked a mobile Zoo to visit on Friday 24th March. They will bring a variety of reptiles and animals for your children to experience. If you think your child may be frightened please speak to a member of staff.



Å      We ask that you return bookbags on a Monday from now on. Remember your child will get a book and a language pack every week (unless they have the Book of the Month). Remember also that you are welcome to come and see a story or singing session on any day.

Å      Please write your child’s name on any items of clothing eg. Coats, hats as we have many coats that are very similar


Birthdays This Month


Kái McCormick-Nicell  6th


Mya Wade-McCafferty  13th                       


Aaran Kelly                        29th            




Bligh’s Lane Nursery School


Newsletter February 2017  

Monthly Theme    

The theme for this month is ‘Myself and My Family’.  The children will be involved in discussions about themselves, the people they love and people who help us.  We will be talking about our bodies, how they work and the importance of healthy foods and exercise.  If you have anything ‘Love’ related e.g. Heart shapes, please bring them into school.   

  Songs and Rhymes  

      Friends                                          I have ten little fingers               


      One Little Finger                              Polly put the kettle on    

      When I look in the Mirror                   I wiggle my fingers

      Miss Polly had a dolly                        Two little eyes

     When Goldilocks went to the house         Open Shut them

      of the bears

One Little Finger

Open Them, Shut Them

      Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes          

Fire Engine Rhyme                                          

      If you’re happy and you know it

I look in the mirror

      Granny’s glasses      

      Rock-a-bye baby

Miss Polly had a dolly

I wiggle my fingers

Bend your body


Early Mathematical Experiences   

We will be developing awareness of the Heart shape this month and also reinforcing ‘In Front / Behind, First and Last’. There should also be lots of opportunity to point out ‘heart shapes’ in town this month! The development of other aspects of maths can be seen on the Monthly Planning sheet on the Parents’ Notice Board. 

Early Science  

The children will be experimenting with mixing colours to make new colours using paint and crepe paper.  Other aspects of science will be explored during discussions about the body and functions of major organs (in simple terms).   

Mid-Year Reports

Mrs Woods and Mrs O’Doherty are completing the children’s mid-year Reports. You will have the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher during the week of the 6th February. A signing up sheet is available for each teacher.


Dental Hygienist Visit

As part of our theme we will take the children to the Gas Yard to see “Jennifer” our dental hygienist in the surgery on Monday 13th February. The purpose of this visit is to allay any fears the children may have about going to the dentist as well as to learn about the importance of dental hygiene.  The children will not have their teeth examined.


Ambulance and Paramedics Visit

Paramedics from the ambulance service will bring a special ambulance to the school on 27th February. They bring their stretcher and medical equipment into the classrooms, and talk to the children about what happens after an accident. They let them see (and ‘try on’) some of their equipment! Afterwards, the children go outside to see the inside of the ambulance. We are very lucky to be able to arrange these visits, as the Paramedics do this for us on their days off.


Focusing on Developing Your Child’s Language Skills

The staff have been working especially hard this year with promoting the development of language skills. During our last parent/teacher meetings lots of parents asked how they can help their child, so in addition to the weekly book and ‘Book of the Month’ we have provided special language ‘activity packs’ which will go inside each child’s Library bag each week. The activities in these packs aim to give you some idea of how you can help to boost your child’s language development at home. A little time spent helping your child with language each week will help him/her to be ready for the demands of Primary school.  You will also find a ‘Parents’ Comments’ book which can be used to let us know how your child responds to the activities. *Your child will not get a language pack on the week they have the ‘Book of the Month.’

To help us get the children’s books ready every week we ask that you return book-bags on Monday or Tuesday.

Getting Ready to Learn- Come Read with Me

Thank you to you all for your commitment to borrowing and reading books to your children from our lending library. A huge thanks to the parents who have helped out. If you can spare a half hour on a Friday we still need help- sign up on the sheet on the notice board.

We are launching our ‘Come Read with Me’ sessions in February. Parents can sign up to come in for 15-20 minutes at the beginning of the day to read a story/stories to your child and other children in our book corner. You could even bring your own favourite book to share.  It is a ‘low-key’ activity that your child will love and we strongly encourage you to take part. A sign up sheet is available in the hallway.

 Building Works Update

Our building project is well underway and everything is running to schedule at the moment. The children are really enjoying seeing the progress everyday and are having a great time with the builders role-play inside the classes. We thank you for your patience as the works develop.

Banyan Theatre

Karen will return on the 10th February with the story of ‘Red Riding Hood’. If any of you would like to see the show with the children you are very welcome to attend.

School Photographer

The school photographer will visit on Wednesday 15th February.  Every child will have 3 different ‘poses’ taken.  You will receive a small sample of each of the poses and examples of the various sizes available, and you can then decide if you want to buy any of them. Photographs will be taken during class times. There will be no water, paint, dough or anything messy available because of this – so ‘good’ clothes can be worn!   You may also bring other members of the family if you wish – photographs of family members will be taken as soon as the photographer is set up, usually from 8.30am, so come early if you want photos of your other child / children taken.

Snack Money Reminder

Please remember to pay your weekly snack money. As well as buying the foods and drinks for snack it also pays for our trips out and for any extra activities within school such as Banyan Theatre.

Mid-Term Break 

The school will be closed to the children on the following dates: Thursday and Friday 16th, 17th and Monday 20th February


Birthdays this Month    

 Caoimhín Toner                6th   


 Abaigh McDevitt         25th  





Bligh’s Lane Nursery School


January Newsletter 2017


             Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a peaceful Christmas and the staff would like to wish all the children and their parents a very Happy New Year.  Welcome back to your second term in Bligh’s Lane Nursery School! Thank you for all your support to date – especially to all those who attended the Nativity plays – this meant a lot to the children. 


Nursery School Applications (2017)

If you have a child (or know of a child) due to start Nursery in September 2017 (i.e. born between 2 July 2013 and 1 July 2014), and you have not already applied for a nursery place, please do so as soon as possible.  The application forms are now available. Children DO NOT have to live in Creggan in order to apply to our school, but they DO have to be resident in the North. The closing date for application forms is Wednesday 11th January 2017 at 12 noon.


Primary School Applications (2017)

Parents should have obtained an application form from their preferred Primary School for admission to Year 1 in September 2017. The closing date for Primary school applications forms is also 11th January.


Monthly Theme

The general theme for this month will be ‘Winter’.  As the children will be learning about Arctic animals, if you have any penguins or Polar bears please bring them in for the Interest Tables.  The Key Words that the children will be learning this month are: Igloo; Inuit (formally ‘Eskimo’); Polar Bear; Penguin; Ice Cubes; Ice Berg; Icicle; Freeze; Melt; Frost and Snowflake.



Environmental Science

During this month the children will be learning about Arctic Animals, icebergs, the effects of snow and frost, and about the process of melting and freezing.



Songs and Rhymes


Funny Little Snowman                  Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake

The Penguin Song                         Georgie Porgie

5 Little Snowmen Fat                    The Muffin Man

The Snowball                    Incy Wincy Spider (Winter Version)

The Winter Song                          Three Little Kittens


How you can help to reinforce our Winter Theme


Children learn much, much more if their parents take an interest in what they are learning at school. Why not search the Internet for information or videos about Inuit, igloos, penguins and other Arctic and Antarctic animals etc. and if you find a good site let us know so we can share it with all the children. If you don’t have access to the internet at home you can use the computers in the Creggan Library – they will also have lots of books for you to share with your child


Breakfast Rota

Our Breakfast Rota starts this month and will continue until the end of the year. Each class would need one parent each day to help children with breakfast and clear it away.  The children do most of this themselves now but they LOVE having mammy or daddy in school. The time commitment would be 8.45 -10.00am approximately – but parents can stay as long as they like. Grandparents are welcome too! If you are interested ask your child’s teacher to explain how it all works or sign up on the calendar outside of each room. Last year’s parents really enjoyed the opportunity to see what goes on in the nursery on a normal day.


Come Dine with Us”

Mammy and /or daddy can now come and join us for dinner. You will be able to see how the dinner routine works and how well the children can sit and eat. You can sit beside your own child and eat with us – just speak to your child’s teacher to arrange a day that suits you. Mrs Woods’ class start dinner at 11.45am and Mrs O’Doherty’s class start about 10 minutes afterwards. Dinner usually lasts about 30 minutes. We are really looking forward to you all joining us as last years’ parents really enjoyed this opportunity.



Some Reminders:


Dress Warmly!

-Please remember to dress your child for the weather conditions – they need warm coats, hats, scarves and MITTENS (if possible- better and easier than gloves) every day. We only put on the school coats if it’s very wet or snowing. Also, begin to teach your child how to zip up his/her coat – this helps children to get ready for outdoor play more quickly. Also, ‘thank you’ for remembering not to send children into school wearing shoes with laces last term!!!



We urgently need donations of boxes of tissue for the nursery. If each family provides one box it should see us through the ‘runny nose’ season. Thank you.


Extended Schools Programme

Mrs Woods’ Class will begin extended schools again on Monday 9th January for their two week block. Mrs O’Doherty’s Class next session will be on Monday 23rd January. Please read the Poster on the porch door each week so that you know which class is staying late.

Mobile Phone Numbers

All parents should have received their class teacher’s mobile number. If you need to contact the school always ring the landline first. Mrs Woods and Mrs O’ Doherty will have their school mobile phones with them at all times so you can contact us if you need to in the evenings or at weekends. PLEASE make sure that you let us know if you change your mobile number:

Mrs Woods’ number is: 07564024879                                                           

Mrs O’ Doherty’s number is: 07564024308


School Meals

The cost of school meals has increased to £2.45 per day or £12.25 per week. This increase has been directed to us by the Education Authority.


Storytime reminder

Parents from both classes are welcome to come into Mrs. Woods’ class at 1.00pm each day to watch a ‘Storytime’. You may also visit Mrs. O’Doherty’s class to see a song and rhyme session. We ask that you observe quietly and do not try to catch your child’s attention.


St. Vincent de Paul

Thank you all so much for the gifts you brought for the St. Vincent de Paul Appeal, you were exceptionally generous this year, and we hope you enjoyed the little ceremony at the chapel.


Birthdays This Month      


William Boyle       1st                                                      


Zara Mellon          21st     


Riley Doherty       24th                                          














Bligh’s Lane Nursery School


Christmas Newsletter 2016



The Theme for this month is Christmas.  There will be a Christmas table in each classroom, so please help your child to bring something ‘Christmas’ related into school. Please don’t send in anything that is breakable! Talk to your child about the Nativity story as we have suggested on your laminated sheet and help them to learn the songs that you know – especially the first verse of Away in a Manger, as it is very difficult for young children.




Nativity songs 

Christmas Songs 

  Here we go up to Bethlehem                         

  Jingle Bells                

  I was there on the night when Jesus came

  When Santa got stuck up the Chimney

  Away in a manger                                                       

  Santa Claus is coming to town

  Follow the Star                                                           

  Silly Santa Song     

  Angel Gabriel’s Song

  Christmas Star

  Shepherd’s Song

  Father Christmas




The children perform a very simple Nativity Play each year. We do two performances on each day to

 make the seating arrangements more comfortable. The performance dates and times are:


           THURSDAY 8th  DECEMBER: Mrs Woods’ Class       

9.30 am  Blue Group

10.15am  Red Group

           FRIDAY   9th    DECEMBER: Mrs O’ Doherty’s Class  

9.30 am Yellow Group

10.15am Green Group         


The Children will get opportunities to try out the different Nativity parts during the weeks leading up to Christmas, and we need parents to understand that every part in the play is important because every child is important.  Some children will have a few words to say and it is important to remember that some children are comfortable talking in front of others and some are not – we do not want to upset any child so each child must be happy with their own part. We hold the play early in the morning before the children become tired and it usually lasts about 15 or 20 minutes at most. 

Parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles etc. are very welcome to attend, but we do ask that other children

are not brought to the Nativity plays as this has proved to be very distracting for our small children in the past.  It is essential that the children are at school every day now unless they are very sick, as we will be learning the Nativity songs and talking about the play.  Cameras are allowed since all parents have signed their consent for photographs/videos to be taken of the Nativity Plays.


We have all the costumes required for each child. However, we ask for parents to dress their children in either plain white or dark clothing dependent on their part. We will let you know soon what colour your child should wear.








The Primary One children and their teachers from St John’s Primary School will be invited to attend the dress rehearsals of the Nativity Plays if they don’t clash with their own performances. It will be lovely for us to see last year’s children again and it will be good for our children to have an ‘audience’ before the ‘big day’!


Santa Claus will visit the school on Wednesday 21st December during class times and each child will receive a gift.   Both classes sit together in the hall for Santa’s visit and the children go up to see him one by one (If you think your child will be afraid of Santa, let us know so that we can seat him/her further away – if a child doesn’t want to go up to Santa, he hands the child his/her present from a safe distance!). We will take a photograph of every child with Santa.



The children will have ‘Christmas Dinner’ in school with all the trimmings on Wednesday 14th December.



During the Christmas season we help the children to understand the importance of giving rather than receiving.  There has been a tradition in the school each year that the parents bring items of groceries, toiletries, small toys, books or clothes etc. to donate to needy families on behalf of the families in the school.  Parents have been very generous in the past and we know that this year will be no exception.  Bring what you can into school as soon as you can and before Friday 16th  December. We will take what has been collected to St Mary’s Chapel on Monday 19th December.  The staff will walk up to the Chapel with the children. A priest from the parish and a representative from the St Vincent De Paul Society welcome the children, each child then leaves a small ‘gift’ (i.e. something that you have brought in) in front of the crib and we all sing our Nativity songs.  Parents / grandparents are welcome to attend this little ceremony, which will begin at 12.50pm, and then all children should be collected from the Chapel at 1.15pm.

The staff would like to thank parents in advance for their generosity on behalf of the St Vincent de Paul Society, who will ensure that your donations are distributed to those in need this Christmas.



Santa has sent an Elf to each room in Bligh’s Lane Nursery. The Elf will be watching the children and reporting back to Santa every day. The Elf hides in different places each day, they could be in the class, cloakroom, carpark- the children need to be on their best behaviour EVERYWHERE!





Search for Bligh’s Lane Nursery School on Facebook. You will find updates about things that  

are going on, photos and reminders. Like and share our page with parents who have young

children who will be of pre-school age in the coming years.                                                                                  




Mrs Meehan has now left for her maternity leave. We will be waiting to hear her exciting news over Christmas or New Year. Miss Henry has taken over her role in Mrs Woods’ Class.  








The children will visit Creggan Library to hear some Christmas stories on the following dates:


    -Mrs Woods’ Class: Tuesday 13th December


    -Mrs O’ Doherty’s Class: Wednesday 14th December



We have had a very positive response with regard to this programme from children and parents. The Extended Schools programme will not run on the week of 7th or   14th  December, as we will be very busy with Christmas preparation.

Extended Schools will resume after Christmas on the 9th January for Mrs Woods’ Class. There will always be a poster on the door on the way out of the school that will tell you which class stays for Extended Schools each week.



We have had a very successful start to our Big Bedtime Read initiative with the large majority of families borrowing reading packs regularly. We will continue to lend the packs during December but ask for all packs to be returned on the 16th December. We will resume lending on the 6th January 2017 and we would really appreciate help during this month. A sign-up sheet is available in the hall.



Wednesday 21st  December will be the last day of term. The children should be collected at 11.30 am.

The school will be closed to the children on Thursday 22nd December and we will see you all again on Wednesday 4th January 2017 .



The staff would like to thank all our parents for their support to date and to wish you all very Merry Christmas! We have had a lovely term with all of the children and we have seen so much progress already.




If you have (or know of) a child due to start Nursery in September 2017 i.e. 3 years old on or before 2nd July 2017, please inform a member of staff or telephone 71267603. Parents should also contact their preferred Primary School in order to obtain an application form for Primary One – forms are available NOW!




    James Harkin   10th   

    Mia Carlin                   16th  

    Aodhan Doherty         24th  

    David McKinney        31st

    John McKinney 31st























                           ST MARY’S CHAPEL: MONDAY 19TH  


            SANTA: WEDNESDAY 21ST       



          (Children to be collected AT 11.30 AM)