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November Newsletter



The theme for this month is ‘Autumn’.  Please let your child bring in anything that is Autumn related e.g., leaves, berries, chestnuts bare branches etc.



- Autumn Leaves are falling down           - One, Two, Buckle my Shoe

- I’m a Little Hedgehog                            - Mr Bear, Mr Bear

- Five Little Leaves                                   - Little Owl

- Goldilocks Rhyme                                                   


You will find the songs and rhymes sheet inside your child’s Library bag – please practice them every day / night – it will make such as difference to the development of your child’s reading skills if you do this at home.



Thank you all for making such an effort to dress the children for the party and thank you to the parents who brought some treats in for the children to share – we all had a lovely day and the children were excellent!



Our theme is all about Autumn this month. We will encourage the children to notice changes to the trees and they will also learn about the environments of Owls, Hedgehogs and Squirrels. Children learn so much from their environment so be sure to talk to them about the trees and leaves on your way to school


As you will have already noticed on the ‘monthly planner’ on the Parents’ Notice Board, we will focus on ‘leaf’ and ‘circle’ shapes this month.  The children will gather and sort leaves according to shape and size.  You should see this reflected in art activities that are prepared for the children.


The Extended School and Breakfast club programmes will begin on Monday 11th November. Working parents can bring their child to school any time after 8.15am and can stay for breakfast themselves if they want to. If you are not a working parent but would like your child to come to the Breakfast club, speak to your child’s teacher as there may be a place available. There are 13 places in each class. You have all been given timetables for the Extended Day so please keep them handy. Mrs Aislinn Hodgett and Mrs Tara Mc Kenna will run the breakfast club and Mrs Hodgett and Mrs Teresa Mc Guinness will run the Extended day. Remember, the extended hours are offered three times per week, are flexible and children can be collected any time before 2.30p.m.  If you are also collecting a child from St John’s Primary School, please come for your Nursery child first. The Extended day will be ‘action-packed’ so it is really important that your child is in bed early so he/she is well rested for the next school day.



If you pay for dinners please remember to bring the correct amount in a envelope with your child’s name written on it.



It was lovely to get a chance to talk to all our parents and to get such positive comments from you all. I hope you found this positive experience also, and remember you can talk to us at any time if you have any worries or concerns.



Our first visit will be to St Columb’s Park for an Autumn Walk  on Thursday 7th November. Normal class times will apply.   There is always great excitement about going in the bus! The children will explore the park and then have a chance to play on the swings and slides.  We will be back in time for dinner – tired and hungry!



As the teachers have explained at the Parent/Teacher meetings, the children will now be able to enjoy outdoor play no matter what the weather is like!  Outdoor play is essential for a child’s development and part of the Nursery Curriculum. The children are learning to put on the all-in-one coats but please remember – SHOES WITH VELCRO TAPES OR BOOTS for school from now on.



We have a lovely treat for the children on 8th November. A lady called Karen will come an present ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ – the children really enjoy this every year.





Aoife Officer  13th        Edward Blee   24th          Zach Clifford    25th


Sophie Mc Laughlin-Gallagher   25th               Leah Tracey  27th


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