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Spring Newsletter

Monthly Theme

The theme for the month of March will be 'Spring'.  As you will know by now we continue to encourage the children to notice and describe changes in their environment - they might see daffodils growing in their gardens at home or in green areas in the town.  The children will also be doing observational paintings and drawings of Spring flowers, so if you have any daffodils, tulips or branches with buds on them in your garden, please bring them in for the children to see, and encourage your child to notice changes in your garden or the environment as you travel to school.

Language Development

There will be lots of discussion about farm animals, the names of their young, where young animals come from and how they change as they grow.  The children will learn about these things through stories, lottl games, factual dvds, and CD ROMs.  Why not go to the library and find some books connected to this topic to share with your child?

Language Activity Packs and Maths 'Ruck Sacks'

The new langauge packs will be placed inside your child's library bag each week.  The maths packs are more 'bulky' so they will come in their own ruck sack.  (Please bring the ruck sacks back to school each Monday - they are not to keep!)  One week your child  will bring home a language pack and the following week, a maths ruck sack and so on.  We will continue to alternate like this throughout the year.  These activities are in addition to the weekly library book.  It is extremely important that your child returns his/her library bag, language pack/maths ruck sack on a MONDAY to allow sufficiant time to allocate each child a new pack and to read and respond to all the parent comments by the Wednesday, when they will be given out again.  We have told the children how important it is to look after these 'games' and not to lose any of the pieces/picture cards etc.  We have also explained that it is important for children to learn as many 'new words' as possible before they go to Primary One - so they are all very excited to find out which game they have each week.  Please use this enthusiasm to help develop your child's language and maths skills at home and let us know what you think via the little notebooks provided - one 'overall' comment per week is enough.  Please be honest!  We do value your feedback very much.

Songs and Rhymes

Spring is the time when the magic comes

Baa Baa Black Sheep

I went to visit a farm one day

Flowers grow like this

Five Little Ducks

Old MacDonald

Five Green Bottles

Five Little Speckled Frogs

Cows in the Kitchen

Phonics Table

We are now introducing the children to some phonics.  We will begin with the sound 'S' so if you have anything at home that makes that sound please send it in (e.g. socks, soap. scarf, soup, salt etc).  We will have a phonic/sound table for the purpose of displaying the children's objects from home.  We hope that the children will start to 'hear' the sound that the letter makes.

Environmental Science

Children need to 'do' and 'see' in order to understand therefore we will be planting broad beans and kidney beans so that the children can see the 'roots' growing clearly.  We will also use factual books and stories to reinforce the concept of growth.  If you are doing any planting at home please let your child help - they learn so much from these activities and will be very sensible if you explain what you want them to do!

Cress Seeds

Could each child please bring in an empty egg shell inside an egg cup so that we can grow our cress inside!

Banyan Theatre

Karen will becoming to our school on Thursday 10th March to perform 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' with her puppets.  (she was unable to come in December due to the weather conditions).

St Patrick's Day Celebrations

We will celebrate St Patrick's Day in school on Wednesday 16th March!  If your child has something green to wear, s/he could wear it on that day!  If you know any Irish Dancers or Irish Musicians, please let us know.  The school will be closed on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th March so you can do more celebrating!!!  (you therefore need to bring only 3 days' dinner money for week beginning 14th March).  We will be back to school on Monday 21st March.      

Birthdays This Month

Evan O'Connell                          8th

Ryan Toland                             12th

Bobby Martin                            16th

Kevin Mahon                            19th

Rhianna Allen                           20th

Ciaran Mullan                           20th

Conal Taggart                          26th


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