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June Newsletter

Monthly Theme

The theme for this month is 'Summer/Beach'.  There will be no colour table, but there will be a 'Beach' table.  Children can bring anything 'beach related' as it will  help to develop new vocabulary.  We will also be learning about pirates - so if you have anything at home related to pirates, please bring it in to school.

Songs and Rhymes

Lets all go to the Seaside

I see sea shells

One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Row, Row, Row your Boat

The Big Ship Sails

The Sun

Wiggle My Toes

The Crab

One-Eyed Jack

A Sailor went to sea, sea, sea

(Don't forget to get your last Song and Rhyme Sheet from the table in the porch!)

Science and Mathematics

The children will be learning about sea-life creatures and their environment and this will also include observing patterns.  We will be investigating the effects of water on different materials and substances e.g. sand, flour, sugar, coffee, etc.  The children will also be exploring the shapes, textures and patterns of different types of shells and stones.

The World Around Us

We will be talking  about 'treasure maps', learning how to draw a 'map', about who would use them; about 'islands', what they look like, what you would find on them, what shape they would be etc.

"t" Phonic

Our sound this month will be 't' so please help your child to find something beginning with 't' to bring in for the sound table (e.g. toothbrush, toothpaste, tights, tin, teddy, tissues, tie, towel).

Gas Yard Arts Project

Both Mrs O'Doherty's class and Mrs Sweeney's class will have their last session during the week beginning 6th June.  The programme has been very enjoyable for the children and the facilitator, Kirstin McLaughlin will display all the children's work in school so you can see it.  We hope that this will be during the week beginning 13th June.  We will let you know the exact date as soon as we know!

Sports Day

We had a great day on Sports Day and we want to thank all of you for the contributions you made to the 'shop' and 'cafe' and for the amount you have raised for school funds.  There is £1201.00 so far!  Thank you all so much for your generosity.  If anyone still has sponsor money to bring in, please do so as soon as possible so that we can let everyone know about the final total.  Also, thanks to all the parents who were able to take part in the races - this meant so much to the children.

Parents in the Classroom

All we can say is 'thank you, thank you, thank you soooooo much' for the fantastic response from you all to these suggested sessions.  We could not have hoped for the sessions to go any better than they have done and we look forward to continuing them this month until you have all had your turn!!!  We really are delighted that you were all so eager to take part.  The children are really enjoying playing with you and showing you how to do everything!  Thank you for all your kind comments which let us know that you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Gareth the Gardener

Gareth the Gardener was a huge hit and the boys simply loved having a male figure to look up to (literally!).  We now have a vegetable garden up on our hill (just inside our grounds) of which the children are very proud.  The children helped Gareth to build the wooden boxes, fill them with compost and plant the seeds. (Please take a look at the growth already as you pass by with your child).  We also have smaller troughs with lettuce, beetroot and cress growing.  The children are able to monitor the progress of growth every day as they are in the playground.  Thanks Gareth!  We wish we could have had you for longer!

Extended School

The last week of the Extended Schools Programme will be week beginning Monday 20th June.  The Extended Schools Staff, Mrs Michelle Meehan, Ms Bronagh McCarron , Mrs Elizabeth Glenn, Mrs Doreen Laird and Mrs Mary Gallagher have done a great job this year ensuring that all the children were safe and happy.  We  would also like to thank the girls that facilitated the Active Dance and Gymnastics programme and of course, Eddie, who has been working behind the scenes allowing us to avail of the skills of the facilitators.  Also thanks to Surestart Edenballymore for their support in funding the staff for this programme.  We know from your comments that you have appreciated all they have done, and the children have enjoyed it immensely.

Preparation for Primary School

The staff will concentrate on discussing the transition from Nursery to Primary School this month e.g. new teacher/friends/classroom/canteen/uniform etc.  the majority of the children in the school transfer to St John's Primary School, so we are able to take them to visit their new school and also to invite the teachers over to the Nursery.  Therefore we need your support for the following arrangements:

  • The teachers from St John's Primary School will visit the Nursery on Thursday 16th June to talk to the children in their class groups, and discuss their progress with the staff.  Children should come to school at the usual time, but all the children should be collected at 10.30 amIf your child is not going to St John's, he/she should not come to school on this day.  (There will be no dinners on this day)
  • The Year One teachers stay in the nursery when the children leave on Thursday 16th, so that we can give them important information about the children transferring to them.  This is also the day that the first half of next year's new children come to visit the school, as your children did last year.  So it is a very busy day for us!
  • On the following day, Friday 17th we need you to collect your children early at 12.30 pm, (dinner will be finished) so that we can get ready for the second half of next year's children coming to meet the staff.
  • The children will then visit their new classroom in St John's along with the staff on Monday 20th June.  This is just a 'quick' visit so we will take all the children (if the parents don't mind, but we will explain to those not going to St John's that it is not going to be their school)


Transition Forms

The staff will complete an 'end of year report' called a Transition Form, to be forwarded to your child's primary school.  You will have an opportunity to read this report, make any comments and sign it before it is forwarded on.  The staff will contact the teachers of the children not transferring to St John's and will forward the Transition Forms to them also.

Beach Trip ???

We aim to visit the beach each year - but this very much depends on the weather.  If it continues to rain as it has done in May, we may not make it!  Last year we waited until the forecast for the week was good and went to Culdaff Beach.  This worked well and we had a really great day, but it means that we can't give you much notice.  We did not get to the park last month as the weather was so bad - so it's still on the agenda if the weather improves.

Please ensure that you send a jacket or cardigan to school with your child each day even if the weather is fine - it may be cold near the sea.  We have everything else here that your child will need.  If we do go to the beach we will be back before home time.  Please make sure that you have applied sun cream to your child when at school on hot days as we spent most of the day outdoors.

Trip to 'Tropical World'

We will visit 'Tropical World' in Letterkenny on Tuesday 7th June.  It is an exciting new butterfly farm and also has many reptiles and tropical birds to show us too!  We will be able to reinforce the life cycle of a butterfly (which we learnt about last month) as there are caterpillars and chrysalis' as well.

End of Term

The last day of school will be Wednesday 29th June.  There will be a Leaving Party for the children and they will be entertained by 'Parky' the magician (he's very good!).  All the children chould be collected at 11.30 am.

Uniform Grants

There are uniform grants - £30 - available for Primary school children this year.  Please contact the Board (02882411496) for information if you think you might be eligible.

Goodbye and Good Luck!

May I once again, on behalf of all the staff, thank you all so much for being such fabulous parents.  We have really enjoyed getting to know you and your children and you have always been so supportive, complimentary and appreciative of what we aim to do.  Thank you also for all your positive written feedback in the Parents' comments books each week.  Your children have been a pleasure to work with and I hope we have taught them that school is fun and learning is exciting.  It is hard to believe we have reached the end of another school year.  We will miss you all so much.  Please bring your child to visit us in September so we can see him/her in his/her school uniform and give him/her a big hug!  We wish you and your child all the best for starting Primary School and we look forward to seeing some of you again with younger sisters and brothers!

Have a lovely summer!

Birthdays This Month

Cíad Campbell                     2nd

Dearbhaile Brady                17th

Eva Jennings                      18th

Ronan Jennings                  18th

Lennon Hamill                     21st

Charlie McKnight                 23rd

Amelie LeClercq                  28th

July Birthdays (will be celebrated in school before the end of term)

Kaci-Lee O'Hagan               7th

Alicia Gibson-Fisher            22nd

Becca Coyle                       25th

(The August birthdays were celebrated in September when the children started)

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