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FebruaryNewsletter 2012

Bligh’s Lane Nursery School



February Newsletter 


Monthly Theme    

The theme for this month is ‘Myself and My Family’.  The children will be involved in discussions about themselves, the people they love and people who help us.  We will be talking about our bodies, how they work and the importance of healthy foods and exercise.  The colour table will be PINK this month, so again please help your child to find something Pink to bring to school. 


              Songs and Rhymes  


    I have ten little fingers

    Barneys Song (I love you)

    Two little eyes

    When Goldilocks went to the house of the Bears 

    One, two buckle my shoe

    Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes 

    The Hokey Cokey                                          

    If you’re happy and you know it

    I look in the mirror

    Granny’s glasses 

    Miss Polly had a Dolly


Early Mathematical Experiences   

We will be developing awareness of the Heart shape this month and also the concept of Big, Medium and Small.  You can help to reinforce these concepts at home by for example, arranging cereal boxes or tins in order of size and then seeing if your child can do it.  There should also be lots of opportunity to point out ‘heart shapes’ in town! The development of other aspects of maths can be seen on the Monthly Planning sheet on the Parents’ Notice Board. 



Science and Technology  

The children will be experimenting with mixing colours using paint and crepe paper.  Other aspects of science will be explored during discussions about the body and functions of major organs (in simple terms!).  If you have any items for our Junk Art e.g. small empty boxes, kitchen roll (not toilet roll) holders, yoghurt tubs etc.  Please send them in to us.  Through this type of play children learn how to attach containers together using a variety of materials such as staplers, masking tape, PVA glue etc.  They also learn about the properties of materials such as cardboard, plastic, paper etc., as well as developing imagination and creativity. 





Mid-Year Reports

Mrs Gillen and Mrs O’Doherty are currently working on the children’s Mid-Year Reports. The teachers will try to arrange for some of these meetings to be first thing in the morning (8.45am) or from 1.15pm onwards as soon as reports are ready. The teachers will let you know the dates and you can choose your preferred date and time.



Ambulance and Paramedics Visit

Paramedics from the ambulance service will bring a special ambulance to the school this month. They bring their stretcher and medical equipment into the classrooms, and talk to the children about what happens after an accident. They let them see (and ‘try on’) some of their equipment! Afterwards, the children go outside to see the inside of the ambulance. We are very lucky to be able to arrange these visits, as the Paramedics do this for us on their days off.



Dental Hygienist Visit

We hope to arrange a visit from “Jennifer” our dental hygienist and/or to visit her in her dental surgery. The purpose of such visits is to allay any fears the children may have about going to the dentist as well as to learn about the importance of dental hygiene.  The children will not have their teeth examined.


Focusing on Language and Maths

The staff have been working especially hard this year with promoting language and maths in the school. During our last parent/teacher meetings lots of parents have been asking how they can help their child, so we have provided special language ‘activity packs’ which will go inside each child’s Library Bag and also maths ‘rucksacks’. These packs and rucksacks aim to give you some ideas of how you can help to boost your child’s language and mathematical development at home. A little time spent helping your child with language or maths each week will help him/her to be ready for the demands of Primary school.  You will also find a ‘Parents’ Comments’ book in your child’s folder – please use this to let us know how your child responded to the activity once a week.




School Photographer

The school photographer will visit on Tuesday 14th February.  Every child will have 3 different ‘poses’ taken as well as being part of a class group photograph. You will receive a small sample of each of the poses and examples of the various sizes available, and you can then decide if you want to buy any of them. Photographs will be taken during class times and your child’s teacher will give you more information nearer the time. There will be no water, paint, dough or anything messy available because of this – so ‘good’ clothes can be worn!   You may also bring other members of the family if you wish – photographs of family members will be taken as soon as the photographer is set up, usually from 8.45am.


Visit to McDonalds

The children will visit McDonald’s, Strand Road, for their dinner on Monday 13th February.  The ‘School Meals Kitchen’ that provides our dinner is closed all that week, so the staff will prepare lunch for the children on Tuesday 14th February.  The school is closed for the remainder of the week, so NO DINNER MONEY is required for Monday or Tuesday.


Banyan Theatre

Karen will return with another story for the children on Tuesday 21st February 2012.




Compost Bins

Don’t forget to keep sending in skins from fruit and vegetables, egg shells, newspapers, sellotape, sawdust, etc. for the compost bins.



Mid-Term Break 

The school will be closed on Wednesday 15th (Staff Training Day), Thursday 16th and Friday 17th February.



Birthdays this Month  


 Halle Boyle     3rd February

 Shane McKinney     6th February

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