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September/October Newsletter


The Staff would like to welcome all the parents and children and wish them a very happy year in Bligh's Lane Nursery School.

Each month you will receive a newsletter like this one, which will inform you about school events, visitors and the area of the curriculum that we will focus on with the children.  It is a good idea to keep your newsletter in a prominent place as a reminder.  It will also be displayed on the Parents' Notice Board (located in the Entrance Porch).

Theme for the Month (September - Mid-October)

This month's theme is 'Getting to Know You'.  We spend a lot of time this month getting to know each other - staff, children and parents.  Parents can help by talking to their child about his/her teacher's name and that of her assistant and by giving us as much information as possible about their child so that the staff can best meet the children's needs.

Songs and Rhymes

This month the children will be learning a selection of nursery rhymes and songs, some of which the children may already know.  Learning and reciting nursery rhymes is a vital step in preparation for reading, so you can help by setting some time aside each evening to repeat these with your child:

Incy Wincy Spider

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Two Little Dicky Birds

Hickory Dickory Dock

Hey Diddle Diddle

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Humpty Dumpty

Name Song

The Elephant

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

(Copies of the words of the songs and rhymes are available in the document wallet in the porch.  The children like to call this their 'homework'!)

Please read the following carefully:

Contact Numbers

It is essential that staff have contact numbers for all parents in case of an emergency.  We require three telephone numbers for all children.  Mobile phones should never be turned off during the day if your child is at nursery.  The school secretary (Claire) will talk to you about this in the next few days before the end of the sessions.  You must inform us immediately if you change any of your telephone numbers.

Colour Groups

We operate a 'Colour Group System' in the school.  Each class is divided in half randomly, for ease of organisation.  When the children are settled they will receive new name badges in the colour of their group (their library bags will also be this colour).

Security System

We have had a security system installed for your child's protection and for disabled access.  The inside door will be open 15 minutes before the beginning, and before the end of each session.  When arriving at the school the outside door will open automatically outwards as you approach it and will close behind you.  You will have to press the button located beside the inside door to gain access - there are monitors in each classroom to enable staff to admit you to the school.  Please only press the button ONCE, and allow time for the staff to answer and admit you.

Block Play Area

The area outside the two classrooms in called the Block Play Area.  All the children will use this area daily during the year, but only when parents have gone and the security system is switched on.  It is dangerous for the children to play with the toys in this area BEFORE class starts  -  this will be explained to the children, so please do not allow them to play with the toys along the floor.  There will be books and jigsaws available for you to share with your child while you wait.

Parents' Library

We have also purchased some books about child development and health for parents to borrow.  The value of reading is strongly emphasised in this nursery, therefore it is important for you not only read to your child every day, but for him/her to see you reading regularly.  Please feel free to borrow these books and let us know what you think of them!

Settling Procedure

We depend on parents' support and co-operation during this month.  We would remind you that our settling in method is for the benefit of the children and that they are our main priority at all times.  The gradual increase of times ensures that the children are happy and secure, and anxious to come to school every day!  It is essential that your child is collected on time at the end of each session.

School Dinners

Dinner will begin on Monday 4th OctoberSome children may not be ready to stay for dinner by this date (many nurseries don't start dinner until after Halloween) and if this is the case, your child's teacher will discuss this with you.  It is vitally important that each child is well settled before experiencing the dinner routine.  Parents need to be sure they have contacted the Board if they think they are entitled to Free Meals - the number is: 02882411237.  The cost for everyone else is £2.10 per day payable on a Monday (£10.50 per week).  Dinner money MUST always be brought on time in an envelope, money bag etc. with the child's name on it - CORRECT CHANGE IS ESSENTIAL - as the secretary lodges it in the bank straight away to be sent to the Board.  This is important because the staff do not have time to find change for you during class times - once the children come into the classroom we have to see to their needs.

Snack Money

Your child's snack money is £2.00 per week payable on a Monday - give the snack money to your child to bring in to us - they love that responsibility.  The snack money also covers the cost of school trips and parties etc.  We would also use this money to contribute to the cost of flowers if there was a breavement in a child's or member of staff's family etc.  If you do not agree to money being used in this way please inform a member of staff.  Your child will have fresh milk, tea and breakfast (a choice of toast, fruit, yoghurt, cereal, eggs etc.), daily.  Please let us know if you think your child has an allergy to a specific type of food.

Library Bags

You will not normally be asked to pay for lots of things in school, but we do need you to pay for your child's Library Bay which will be yours to keep at the end of the year.  Each child will be able to choose a school library book to take home every week - again, to encourage the development of reading skills.  We have ordered special waterproof bags for the children to carry their library book to and from school.  The cost of this bag is £2.00 payable by the end of the month please.

Safety in the Car Park - Reminders

Please remember to hold your child's hand when entering and leaving the school grounds - in case a vehicle should enter the car park.  The staff will explain this to the children and will also explain that they must never climb on the wall to walk along it.  Parents' cars/taxis are not permitted to drive into the car park.

Summer Birthdays

Some of the children had their birthday during the summer.  So...

Happy Birthday to:

Kaci-Lee O'Hagan         7th July

Alicia Gibson-Fisher     22nd July

Rebecca Coyle            25th July

Hayden Roberts          6th August

Erin Stewart               14th August

Ellie McConnell            22nd August

Darragh O'Kane          24th August

Ethan Quigley             29th August


Birthdays this Month

Each child will have his/her Birthday celebrated in school with a small cake which is shared with the children in the class.


Callum Fullerton    28th



June Newsletter

Monthly Theme

The theme  for this month is 'Summer/Beach'.  There will be no colour table, but there will be a 'Beach' table.  Children can bring anything 'beach related' as it will help to develop new vocabulary.  Mrs Gillen's children have been talking a lot about 'pirates' recently - so if you have anything at home related to pirates, please bring it in to school.

Songs and Rhymes

Let's all go to the seaside

I See Sea Shells

One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Row, Row, Row your boat

The Big Ship Sails

The Sun

Wiggle My Toes

The Crab

One-Eyed Jack

A Sailor went to Sea, Sea, Sea

(Don't forget to get your last Song and Rhyme Sheet from the document wallet in the porch!)

Science and Mathematics

The children will be learning about sea-life creatures and their environment and this will also include observing patterns.  We will be investigating the effects of water on different materials and substances e.g. sand, flour, sugar, coffee etc.  The children will also be exploring the shapes, textures and patterns of difference types of shells and stones.

The World Around Us

There has been a lot of talk about 'treasure maps', so we will be learning how to draw a 'map', about who would use them;  about 'Islands', what they look like, what you would find on them, what shape they would be etc.

Gas Yard Arts Project

Mrs Gillen's class have finished their six-week sesssions and Mrs O'Doherty's class will have their last session on Thursday 3rd June.  The programme has been very enjoyable for the children and the facilitator, Kirstin McLaughlin will display all the children's work in school so you can see it, as soon as possible after the 3rd of June.

Sports Day

We had a great day on Sports Day and we want to thank all of you for the contributions you made to the 'shop' and 'cafe' and for the amount you have raised for school funds this year £1,102 !!! (to date).  Thank you all so much for your generosity.  If anyone still has sponsor money to bring in, please do so as soon as possible so that we can let everyone know about the final total.  Also, thanks to all the parents who were able to take part in the races - this meant so much to the children.

Extended School

The last week of the Extended Schools Programme will be week beginning Monday 21st June.  The Extended Schools staff, Mrs Marie Doherty, Miss Michelle Rankin, Mrs Doreen Laird and Mrs Monica Barr have done a great job this year ensuring that all the children were safe and happy.  We would like also to thank the girls that facilitated the Active Dance and Gymnastics programme and of course, Eddie, who has been working with the children over the last couple of weeks.  Also thanks to Surestart Edenballymore for their support in funding the staff for this programme.  We know from your comments that you have appreciated all they have done, and the children have enjoyed it immensely.

Preparation for Primary School

The staff will concentrate on discussing the transition from Nursery to Primary School this month          e.g. new teacher/friends/classroom/canteen/uniform etc.  The majority of the children in the school transfer to St John's Primary School, so we are able to take them to visit their new school and also to invite the teachers over to the Nursery.  Therefore we need your support for the following arrangements:

  • The teachers from St John's Primary School will visit the Nursery on Thursday 17th June to talk to the children in their class groups, and discuss their progress with the staff.  Children should come to school at the usual time, but all the children should be collected at 10.30 am.  If your child is not going to St John's, he/she should not come to school on this day.  (There will be no dinners on this day).


  • The Year One teachers stay in the Nursery when the children leave on Thursday 17th, so that we can give them important information about the children transferring to them.  This is also the day that the first half of next year's new children come to visit the school, as your children did last year.  So it is a very busy day for us!


  • On the following day, Friday 18th we need you to collect your children early - at 12.30 pm, (dinner will be finished) so that we can get ready for the second half of next year's children coming to meet the staff.


  • The children will then visit their new classroom in St John's along with the staff on Monday 21st June.  This is just a 'quick' visit so we will take all the children (if parents don't mind, but we will explain to those not going to St John's that this is not going to be their school).


Transition Forms

The staff will complete an 'end of year report' called a Transition Form, to be forwarded to your child's primary school.  You will have an opportunity to read this report, make any comments and sign it before it is forwarded on.  The staff will contact the teachers of the children not transferring to St John's and will forward the Transition Forms to them also.

Beach Trip???

We aim to visit the beach each year - but this very much depends on the weather.  Last year we waited until the forecast for the week was good and went to Culdaff Beach.  This worked well and we had a really great day, but it means that we can't give you much notice.  We did not get to the park last month as the weather was so bad - so it's still  on the agenda if the weather improves.  Please ensure that you send a jacket or cardigan to school with your child each day even if the weather is fine - it may be cold near the sea.  We have everything else here that your child will need.  If we do go to the beach we will be back before home time.  Please make sure that you have applied sun cream to your child when at school on hot days as we spend most of the day outdoors.

End of Term

The last day of school will be Wednesday 30th June.  There will be a Leaving Party for all the children and they will be entertained by 'Parkey' the magician (he's very good!).  All the children should be collected at 11.30 am.

Uniform Grants

There are uniform grants - £30 - available for Primary school children this year.  Please contact the Board (02882 411 496) for information if you think you might be eligible.

Musical Pathways

Unfortunately the 'Spring Sing-In' did not take place as Katrina was ill.  We will let you know about future arrangements.

Puppet Show

Banyan Theatre will return on Wednesday 9th June to perform 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' for the children.

Maths Packs

We have at last received the rucksacks ordered for the maths games.  Each class will take their turn to use them.  Please look after the bags (and the resources inside them) as we plan to use them next year also.  The Library bags are yours to keep at the end of the year.

Birthdays This Month

Kelsey Campbell                               7th

Paige Wray                                       8th

Corey Hale                                      20th

Jason Hutton                                   29th

Korie Campbell                                30th

July Birthdays (will be celebrated before the end of term)

Ciarraí O'Kane                                  14th


(The August birthdays were celebrated in September when the children started)


A Letter from Mrs Gillen:


Dear Parents

On behalf of all the staff, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents in the school for their kindness and support during the year.  It has been a real pleasure for us to have the opportunity to work with your children.  They have all been very, very special - happy, fun-loving and caring towards each other.  I hope they have learnt that school is fun and that learning is exciting.  I hope the transition to Primary School will be an easy one and that we have helped to build a sound foundation for their future.

We couldn't have had better parents this year - you have listened and responded to everything we have said about how to help your children at home.  You have read to them and worked through the language packs without fail.  Your comments have been excellent.  Your children will see the benefits of this for years to come.

It is hard for us to believe that another year is over and this is your last newsletter!  We will certainly miss all of you, but we would love to see the children in their uniforms in September, so if you have time, please call in to see us.  Thank you again and enjoy your summer holidays!


Mrs M Gillen




May Newsletter

Monthly Theme

The theme for this month will be Summer Gardens/Minibeasts.  The children will be learning about the parts of a flower and about common minibeasts such as ladybirds, snails, butterflies, bees etc.  They will have a 'Florists' Shop' in the classrooms and will be using real and articifial flowers to make bouquets and arrangements.  There will also be a 'Camping' theme going on with barbeques (not real ones!), tents and sleeping bags.  All of these activities help to extend children's language, creativity and understanding of the world around them - plus, its great fun!

Songs and Rhymes

Little Arabella Miller

What do you suppose?

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

I'm Taking Home a Baby Bumble Bee

5 Little Monkeys

Here is the Bee Hive

5 in the Bed

Round and Round the Garden

(Don't forget to collect your song sheet from the porch)

Early Mathematical Experiences

We will be reinforcing the 'Rectangle' shape this month - children generally find this shape the hardest to learn, so you can help by pointing out rectangle shapes to your child whenever you see them.  We will also continue to look at patterns in the environment and on minibeasts, as well as comparing their sizes and shapes.

Phonics Table

The new sound for this month is 'a' (as in the first sound in the word 'ant').  So please try to help your child find an object at home that begins with the sound 'a'.

Reading and Writing

The children are all very interested in reading story books and many of them can be seen in the classroom reading stories to each other in their own words.  This is the best kind of practice for 'real reading'.  Continue to read to your child at home and find time to visit the library.  Many children are already writing their own names - this is not a necessity, as Year One teachers prefer to teach the children the proper letter formation techniques themselves.  But we would never discourage a child who wants to write.  Often adults show children how to write their names using capital letters - please do not do this - you are not helping your child, in fact it will be even harder for your child to learn to write his/her name properly.  As an example, look at the difference in these two names:

BETHANY/Bethany and CHRISTOPHER/Christopher.  As you can see, most of the letter shapes are completely different apart from the initial letter.

Environmental Visits

  • The children will be taken in small groups during the month to the Café in the Rath Mor Centre, where they will have some juice and a bun.  We use this opportunity to talk about all the shops and what they sell etc. in order to improve their awareness of the immediate environment.  There will also be 'Café' Role Play in the classrooms this month
  • If the weather improves we will also be going to the New Park in Buncrana - as weather conditions make it impossible to plan these visits, we will wait for a good day and organise a bus.  Your child's teacher will let you know as soon as we have decided.



Don't forget to look at our school wbesite.  New photographs are uploaded each term, (which is especially useful for parents who don't get into school to collect their child very often), as is the monthly newsletter.

Sports Day!

Our annual Sports Day will be held on Friday 21st May this year, so you will receive a seperate information sheet and Sponsor Form near the end of this month.  This is a very special family event, which helps to raise funds for the school.  It is essential that each child is accompanied by an adult on this day as the staff will be involed in organising the races and cannot be responsible for the safety of the children as well.  Parents also actively participate in the races - so start training now!!!  The money rasied last year is being spent on your children this year, and so the money you raise will be spent on next year's children.  Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles are also very welcome!  Sports Day will be held in the Long Tower Youth Centre (in the Derry City Football Grounds) from 10.00am - 12.00 noon approx.

Book Fair

The amount spent on books at the Book Fair was £400 - the school gets commission of 30% to spend on books - so, thank you!  We were able to raffle three books per class.  Majella, the Dining Attendant, picked out the names.  The winners were, in Mrs Gillen's Class: Ava McGinley, Paige Wray and Aaron Curran; and in Mrs O'Doherty's Class: Leah Healy, Molly McClay and Caoimhe McGuinness.  Well Done!


Just to remind you:  Mrs Gillen's Class will go to the Gas Yard every Thursday for the Arts Project and Mrs O'Doherty's Class will go every Monday.  The children's work will be displayed in the Gas Yard at the end of the six sessions and you will have an opportunity to see it - more information near the time.

Art Exhibition in Foyleside

Samples of the children's work have been kept from the beginning of the year and these will be displayed near the Food Quarter in Foyleside from Friday 14th until Friday 28th May.  Please take your child to see the exhibition and tell all your friends!

Reminder: Extended School

There will be no Extended Day for Mrs O'Doherty's Class on Wednesday 26th May as next year's parents will attend a meeting in the school as you did last year.  Please check your Extended Schools Timetable for the dates for the rest of the year.

Musical Pathways

The children really enjoy the 'Friday singing sessions' and have responded very well to Katrina, the music teacher.  She would like parents to see and hear what the children have learned to date, so your child will be inviting you to a 'Spring Sing-In'.  Each child will also receive a special certificate.  Mrs Gillen's Class parents will be invited to come on Friday 28th May at 9.15am and Mrs O'Doherty's Class parents will come on Friday 4th June at 9.15am.

Reminder: School Meals

Families in receipt of Working Tax Credit and with a Taxable Income below £16,190 are entitled to Free Meals.  These parents and those in receipt of Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance are also entitled to Uniform Grants.  Ring the Board for an application form or to enquire about eligibility.

Early To Bed!!!

We have noticed that many of the children have been very tired in school recently.  The Extended Schools staff have commented on this too.  Although we all love to see dry, bright evenings, it is still very important that young children get their 12 hours sleep.  We know it is hard whenever there are other children outside playing, but we have explained to the children that in Summer it doesn't get dark until very late and they must go to bed when Mammy and Daddy tells them.  Tired children cannot learn and have fun.

Language Packs

Thank you for all the brilliant comments in the Parent Booklets!  We are waiting for 'Back Packs' for the children which have been ordered for the 'Maths Games', as they are quite bulky.

School Closures

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The school will be closed on Monday 3rd May, Monday 31st May and Tuesday 1st June.


Aodhán O'Doherty                                3rd

Arayah Morrison                                   3rd

Courtney Doherty                                 8th

Niamh Hammett                                   16th

Cara McKenna                                     17th

Aidan Moran                                        21st

Aaron Curran                                       24th

Bria Nixon-Harkin                                 24th

Cara Doherty                                       29th

Mark Cowan                                        31st

(If you - or any of your family - have any old passports could we please have them for 'Holiday' Role Play in June? Thanks!)






Spring Newsletter

Monthly Theme

The theme for the month of April will be 'Spring'.  As you will know by now we continue to encourage the children to notice and describe changes in their environment - they might see daffodils growing in their gardens at home or in green areas in the town.  The children will also be doing observational paintings and drawings of Spring flowers, so if you have any daffodils, tulips or branches with buds on them in your garden, please bring them in for the children to see, and encourage your child to notice changes in your garden or the environment as you travel to school.

Lanugage Development


There will be lots of discussion about farm animals, the names of their young, where young animals come from and how they change as they grow.  The children will learn about these things through stories, lotto games, factual dvds and CD ROMs.  Why not go to the library and find some books connected to this topic to share with your child?

Language Activity Packs

These new packs will be placed inside your child's library bag each week.  We have told the children how important it is to look after these 'games' and not to lose any of the pieces/picture cards etc.  We have also explained that it is important for children to learn as many 'new words' as possible before they go to Primary One - so they are all very excited to find out which game they have each week.  Please use this enthusiasm to help develop your child's language skills at home and let us know what you think via the little notebooks provided - one 'overall' comment per week is enough.

Songs and Rhymes

Spring is the time when the magic comes

Baa Baa Black Sheep

I went to visit a farm one day

Flowers grow like this

Old MacDonald

Five green bottles

Five little speckled frogs

Cows in the Kitchen

Phonics Table

We are now moving on to a new sound 't'.  So, if you have anything at home that makes that sound please send it in.  The phonics sessions are going really well and we are amazed how quickly the children recognise the sound that the letter makes.

Environmental Science

Children need to 'do' and 'see' in order to understand therefore we will be planting Broad beans and Kidney beans so that the children can see the 'roots' growing clearly.  We will also use factual books and stories to reinforce the concept of growth.  If you are doing any planting at home, please let your child help - they learn so much from these activities and will be very sensible if you explain what you want them to do!

Cress Seeds

Could each child please bring in an empty egg shell inside an egg cup before  Wednesday 21st April, so that they can plant cress seeds.

Cooking Activity

Mrs Gillen's class will make their 'Birds Nests' this month, with Shredded Wheat, chocolate and mini eggs.  This is an enjoyable way for children to learn how birds build nests for their young and the shape a nest should be, as well as the scientific concept of melting chocolate - also it's delicious.

Book Fair

Our Annual Book Fair will arrive on Wednesday 21st April and will be set up out in the Hall.  The books will be available for one week.  We would ask that all parents buy at least one book for their child.  There will be  a draw at the end of the week and 5 lucky children will receive a free book!

Arts Project

The children will participate in a 6-week arts project which will take place in the Gas Yard beginning on Monday 19th April.  The children will be taken down in the Colour groups by two members of staff.  Mrs Gillen's Class will go on a Wednesday and Mrs O'Doherty's Class will go on a Monday.  The sessions are fun-based with lots of exploration of colour, texture and shape.  Parents will see all of the work at the end of the programme.

Birthdays This Month

Keane Dalzell                              1st

Adam Barr                                 12th

Tegan Clifford                            14th

Leah Healey                              15th

Leah McGinley                           18th

Cara Gorman                             18th

Adam Palmer                             24th

Leah Toland                              24th



Easter Newsletter

Monthly Theme

The Theme for this month is 'Easter'.  The Colour Table will be 'Yellow'.  We will focus on the 'Oval' shape and 'Pattern Awareness' (stripes, zigzags and wavy lines) this month through discussion and activities.  We will also continue to reinforce the concept of 'growth' and farm animal names.

Songs and Rhymes

Little Peter Rabbit

Little Rabbit Foo Foo

Five Fat Sausages

5 Little Easter Eggs

5 Little Rabbits

Humpty Dumpty

Peter Works with One Hammer

Little Bunny

Five Shiny Eggs

(Remember to collect your copy of this month's songs and rhymes from the folder in the porch)

Early Experiences in Science


The children will be doing some cookery this month - they will be investigating the effect of heat on eggs, and will be making scrambled eggs and egg sandwiches.  When the sandwiches are made they will be learning how to cut them in half and into squares and triangles.

Special Treat

Our visit to McDonalds was not a planned visit, so it was not mentioned in the February Newsletter.  The children had a great time, there wasn't a scrap of food left, and people who were there commented on the excellent behaviour of all of our children!

Mother's Day (14th March)

The children will all make a special surprise for their mammy for Mother's Day (the 'bouquet' of flowers) - so make a big fuss when you get it!

St Patrick's Day

Mark Cowan's sisters will come to dance for the children on Tuesday 16th March after dinner time.  If your child attends Irish Dancing or you know someone who does, please let us know.  Don't forget to wear something green on Tuesday 16th!

St Patrick's Day Holidays

The school will be closed on Wednesday 17th, Thursday 18th and Friday 19th March.

Helping Your Child at Home

We hope you are finding the Language and Maths Packs helpful and 'thank you' to all the parents who have taken the time to write something in the Comment Books - we really appreciate your views.  The children can't wait to see what 'games' they get each week!  Here are some more ways that you can compliment our topic and reinforce what we do in school:

  • Point out oval shapes or patterns at home or in town - if possible
  • Talk about what you are doing when you are dividing up cakes or sandwiches - use the words 'divide', 'cut in half' etc.
  • Name the shapes of the sandwiches - or ask your child what shape of sandwich/piece of bread they would like
  • Let your child help you set the table - tell them how many knives and forks you need and talk to them about Left and Right - they are already doing this in school
  • If you have time (maybe at the weekends) encourage your child to dress him/herself - your child is at a stage where he/she wants to do things for him/herself.  This activity not only develops confidence, independence and physical skills, but also logical thinking and sequencing skills.
  • Buy some stickers for encouraging good behaviour at home - they mean so much to your child and are a visible sign of your approval

Easter Celebrations

The Easter Bunny will make an appearance in the school during the week of 29th March - we will wait for a good day as he hides Easter Eggs in the playground and then we have an Easter Egg Hunt.  The children will visit Bananas in the Bowling Alley on Wednesday 31st March - please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately - LONG SLEEVES MUST BE WORN (to prevent friction burns) AND NO BASEBALL BOOTS PLEASE (as we have 56 children that need help with shoes, and baseball boots are far too difficult to take off and put on).  This is our last day of school before the Easter holidays.  The children should be collected at the school at 11.30 am

(Parents who pay for dinner should only bring 2 days money on the week of 29th March)

Anonymous Questionnaire

The staff in this school meet regularly to discuss how we can improve all areas of school life, and so we compile a questionnaire for parents every couple of years so that we can gain honest views about the school in order for us to improve the service we provide.  Last year's parents completed the questionnaire and we then collated all the results into booklet form so that it could be read by everyone.  These booklets are on the wooden storage units in the hall, so please feel free to read them while you wait at any time, and if you have any comments regarding the service we have provided for your child this year, we would be very interested to hear it.

Easter Holidays

The school will be closed from Thursday 1st April - Tuesday 13th April for the Easter Holidays.  The children return to school for the Summer Term on Wednesday 14th April.

Birthdays This Month

Tyra Boyle                         6th

Matthew McDaid                8th

Ethan McChrystal             10th

Eoghan Campbell             15th