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September/October Newsletter


The staff would like to welcome all the parents and children and wish them a very happy year in Bligh's Lane Nursery School.

Each month you will receive a newsletter like this one, which will inform you about the school events, visitors and the areas of the curriculum that we will focus on with the children.  It is a good idea to keep your newsletter in a prominent place as a reminder.  It will also be displayed on the Parents' Notice Board (located in the Entrance Porch).

Theme for the Month (September - Mid-October)

This month's theme is 'Getting to Know You'.  We spend a lot of time this month getting to know each other - staff, children and parents.  Parents can help by talking to their children about his/her teacher's name and that of her assistant and by giving us as much information as possible about their child so that the staff can best meet the children's needs.

Songs and Rhymes

Over the next few weeks the children will be learning a selection of nursery rhymes and songs, some of which they may already know.  Learning and reciting nursery rhymes is a vital step in preparation for reading, so you can help by setting some time aside each evening to repeat these with your child:

Little Miss Muffet

Incy Wincy Spider

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Two Little Dicky Birds

Hickory Dickory Dock

Little Bo Peep

Horsey Horsey

The Grand Old Duke of York

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Humpty Dumpty

Name Song

Twinkle Twinkle

Little Boy Blue

Polly Put the Kettle On

(Copies of the words of the songs and rhymes are available in the porch.  The children like to call this their 'homework').

Settling Procedure

We depend on parents' support and co-operation during this month.  We would remind you that our settling in method is for the children and that they are our main priority at all times.  The gradual increase of times ensures that the children are happy and secure and anxious to come to school every day!  It is essential that your child is collected on time at the end of each session.

School Dinners

Dinner will begin on Monday 5th October.  Some children may not be ready to stay for dinner by this date (many nurseries don't start dinner until after Halloween) and if this is the case, your child's teacher will discuss this with you.  It is vitally important that each child is well settled before experiencing the dinner routine.  Parents need to be sure they have contacted the Board if they think they are entitled to Free Meals - the number is: 02882 411 237.  The cost for everyone else is £2.00per day payable on a Monday (£10.00 per week).  Dinner money MUST always be brought on time in an envelope, money bag etc with the child's name on it - CORRECT CHANGE IS ESSENTIAL - as the secretary lodges it in the bank straight away to be sent to the Board.  This is important because the staff do not have time to find change for you during class times - once the children come into the classroom we have to see to their needs.

Snack Money

Your child's snack money is £2.00 per week payable on a Monday - give the snack money to your child to bring in to us - they love that responsibility.  The snack money also covers the cost of school trips and parties etc.  We would also use this money to contribute to the cost of flowers if there is a breavement in a child's or member of staff's family etc.  If you do not agree to money being used in this way please inform a member of staff.  Your child will have fresh milk, tea and breakfast (a choice of toast, fruit, yoghurt, cereal, eggs etc) daily.  Please let us know if you think your child has an allergy to a specific type of food.

Library Bags

You will not normally be asked to pay for lots of things in this school, but we do need you to pay for your child's Library Bag, which will be yours to keep at the end of the year.  Each child will be able to choosed a school library book to take home every week - again, to encourage the development of reading skills.  We have ordered apecial waterproof bags for the children to carry their library book to and from school.  The cost of this bag is £2.00 payable by the end of the month please.

Please read the following carefully:

Contact Numbers

It is essential that staff have contact numbers for all parents in case of an emergency.  We require three telephone numbers for all children.  Mobile phones should never be turned off during the day if your child is at nursery.  You must inform us immediately if you change any of your telephone numbers.

Colour Groups

We operate a 'Colour Group System' in the school.  Each class is divided in half randomly, for ease of organisation.  When the children are settled they will also receive new name badges in the colour of their group (their library bags will also be this colour).

Security System

We have has a security system installed for your child's protection and for disabled access.  The inside door will be open 15 minutes before the beginning, and before the end of each session.  When arriving at the school the outside door will open automatically outwards as you approach it and will close behind you.  If the inside door is closed, you will have to press the button located beside the door to gain access - there are monitors in each classroom which allow staff to see who is at the door.  Please only press the button ONCE, and allow time for the staff to answer and admit you.

Block Play Area

The area outside the two classrooms is called the Block Play Area.  All the children will use this area daily during the year, but only when parents have gone and the security system is switched on.  It is dangerous for the children to play with the toys/blocks in this area BEFORE class starts - this will be explained to the children, so please do not allow them to play with the toys along the floor.  There will be books and jigsaws available for you to share with your child while you wait.

Parents' Library

We have also purchased some books about child development and health for parents to borrow.  The value of reading is strongly emphasised in this nursery, therefore it is important for you not only to read to your child every day, but for him/her to see you reading regularly.  These books are located in the hall area , please feel free to borrow these books and let us know what you think of them!

Safety in the Car Park - Reminders

Please remember to hold your child's hand when entering and leaving the school grounds - in case a vehicle should enter the car park.  The children should never run out of the school ahead of you.  The staff will explain this to the children and also explain that they must never climb on to the wall to walk along itParents' cars/taxis are not permitted to drive into the car park.

Summer Birthdays

Some of the children had their birthday during the summer.  So....


Happy Birthday to

Ciarrai O'Kane           14th July

Darragh McCleary      10th August

Conleth Luby             12th August

Hannah Stoddard      17th August

Kady Cavanagh         17th August

Adam Bradley            18th August

Shea Martin               21st August

Birthdays This Month

Clipart - Birthdays

Each child will have his/her Birthday celebrated in school with a small cake which is shared with the children in the class.

Taylor Clarke              28th September

Ciaran McPherson      30th September

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